Fire Emblem Heroes Error 803-3001 – How to Fix It?

If you have reached this Android tutorial it is because you have received error 803-3001 in Fire Emblem Heroes and you want to know how to solve it . Next we will see how to eliminate this error forever easily and quickly .

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Why does Fire Emblem Heroes Tell Me Help Code 803-3001?

It is an error that will give us sooner or later the game if we have not linked our Nintendo account to our device .

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How to fix error 803-3001 in Fire Emblem Heroes?

Next we will show you how to solve this error , the only problem is that you will lose all your game progress , yes it is a chore but this game presents this error in the event that we do not link our Nintendo account . That is why the solution to Fire Emblem Heroes help code 803-3001 consists of deleting all game data , starting the title again and creating a Nintendo account where its progress will be saved.

Remove Error 803-3001 Forever

The first thing we must do is go to “Settings” or “Configuration” of our device , as in the photo.

Once inside, look for the “Applications and Notifications” section (this may vary a bit from one device to another).

Now we are looking for the “Fire Emblem Heroes” application , it is possible that if it is not visible we should click on the “More Applications” section . Once located we enter inside.

In “Application Information” we will see a menu with the following sections:

  • notifications.
  • permissions.
  • Storage.
  • Data usage.
  • Advanced.

Of all the options, the one that interests us the most is “Storage” , we enter inside.

To solve Fire Emblem Heroes error 803-3001 we must “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage” , BEWARE, you will lose all progress, but it is the only way to solve this help code .

Finally we enter the game and we will click on “Create / link a Nintendo account” , in this way all your progress will be saved in this account and we will no longer receive the help code 803-3001.

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