effective negotiation

negotiation It is ingrained in our lives in many situations, such as business negotiations for maximum benefit. negotiations to resolve conflicts Negotiating salary for employment or promotion Bargaining to buy clothes and shoes from various stores and negotiating the division of property and child rights when divorced, etc.

Therefore , negotiation skills are essential and essential for finding solutions together with others around us. And the subject of negotiation is an important issue in social psychology studies. especially in the issue of conflict resolution

The general characteristics of negotiations can be divided into 2 types: win-lose and win-win.

  1. A win-lose modelis a negotiation that is based on the view that one party must win and one side loses. or the benefit of one party This means that the other party will lose some of the benefits, for example, bargaining with a seller to buy a shirt. If we continue to buy, the price is much lower. Buyers will benefit. The seller will lose the benefit. Because he will get less money for the shirt, etc. Considering the negotiations We feel that we have succeeded if we can negotiate for the lowest price from the seller. And it’s considered that we are good at bargaining and get more benefits than the seller. In this kind of bargaining, the bargaining party tends to think that the price or their own benefits are the most important. and want to get as much as possible

The win-lose negotiating method is as follows:

Method 1 is to negotiate, there must be a reduction from time to time from both sides, so if we are a seller We will also have to set a price for the reduction when the buyer makes an offer to reduce the price as well.

The second method is to offer a price before it has an advantage, meaning if we are a seller, let us set the product price in the first place. If we negotiate the salary, we must seize the timing as the party that demands the salary first. by bidding or setting a number before the other party is very important This is because the first price we quote will determine how high or low the bargain will be discussed. If we let the other party call the price before He would demand the lowest price he had to pay. and if we negotiate with him at a low price We have the potential to become losers, so it’s best to set a price or get the first price. It is to set it high or low in a way that will give the best benefit to our side.

The third way is to find alternative options, meaning preparing other options as a solution. If we can’t agree with this negotiation partner, for example, if this company doesn’t allow the salary to be as high as we want. We will have other companies to apply for jobs. That gives us the same benefits as this company or not. which is very important because it gives us bargaining power in other words It shows us that we are not too complacent with our current negotiating partner. Because we still have other options waiting there.

In conclusion, to negotiate in the best interests of oneself, there must be careful preparation of information. Whether it’s bidding that will give us the most benefit. and finding alternative alternatives

  1. A can-canis a negotiation from the point of view that both parties can come together to find a solution that benefits each other as needed. without anyone having to lose benefits to anyone According to psychological research, it was found that can-can negotiation give good results both in terms of the conclusions obtained and maintaining a good sense of relationship between the negotiating parties as well which negotiates to benefit both parties Shows that bargaining doesn’t always have winners and losers. Both sides can help each other find a solution to be both winners.

The key point of this type of negotiation is that both parties must work together Must talk about what each party wants and why. Try to understand the needs of the other party. that he has the right to obtain the benefits he desires And work together to think about how to find a solution that will benefit both him and us. For example, if Agency A needs a large share of the budget, but Agency B needs it too. When the budget is limited each year, it must have disappointed parties. Can-Can Negotiate That is, when agencies A and B come together to discuss what they will do with their budgets, they may find that they want to invest in the same thing. It may be able to work together and adjust the demands of each party to fit without anyone having to sacrifice the benefits. Or maybe help each other to come up with more budgets. so that both agencies will definitely get the desired share, etc.

In addition, the negotiating model – can be The important point is that both parties must be willing and open to discuss. with the goal of finding a solution together If we negotiate with the idea of ​​reaping benefits to our side as much as possible without thinking of their side will not be able to negotiate a model – can be successful Moreover Sufficient time for discussion must be given, not rushing to conclusions. Because finding a solution that is good for both parties is not easy to find each other.

Mimicking another person’s posture, such as making your sitting position as similar as possible to the person you’re negotiating with, without letting them know you’re imitating them. This imitation often makes the target person feel like you. trust us more Because we show the same with him. and when he likes us always cooperate with us in negotiations Psychologists have found techniques that can help both win the conversation. That is trying to see from the other person’s point of view. That is, we try to figure out what our negotiating partner might be thinking or feeling in this situation. What do you think he might want or want in this negotiation? Psychological studies have shown that empathizing with others can help us empathize with one another. And it makes us feel like working together to get him the benefits he wants more.

Social psychology research has also discovered a technique that makes this type of negotiation effective: thinking clearly about the goals you want to reach or reach in each negotiation.Psychologists suggest that this goal should be a positive goal. This means thinking about what we want to get. want to happen or want to make it better Instead of thinking in a careful way not to cause anything bad. Or be careful not to let the negotiations fail. Creating a goal-setting idea is therefore a developmental thinking towards better things. It is important to think about the positive goals before meeting with the negotiating partner about what we want from this negotiation. It will help us negotiate without falling off the target. Thinking about constructive goals before negotiating will keep that goal always in our minds during conversations. and increase their determination to talk to each other perfectly By the way, the practical way to use the reinforcement target technique is to spend 1 minute before the start of negotiations. Make it clear that we want the negotiations to be satisfactory for both parties. and what we want to do What did you say during the negotiations?




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