EcoFlow DELTA mini: 5 Advantages of Buying a Solar Charged Portable Power Generator

In turbulent times in terms of energy, it is well worth comparing electricity rates and looking for options to save. If you are one of those who likes to camp on the beach or in the mountains, you will know that having a portable solar-charged power generator is highly recommended. This type of device allows you to charge different electronic equipment, so you should choose one as soon as possible.

Among the different options is the EcoFlow DELTA mini , a small-sized generator with different charging modes, and best of all, very safe. If you are interested in acquiring a generator of this type for your getaways, be sure to continue reading. We tell you 5 advantages of the EcoFlow Delta mini .

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It is a small generator

The EcoFlow DELTA mini is ideal for use as backup power for your home, as a portable power generator for outdoors, and when traveling. You can move it anywhere thanks to its small size of 14 x 7 x 9 centimeters and its 10 kilos of weight. It also offers 882 Wh of power.

It has different charging methods

The main advantage of this portable generator is that it can be charged by means of solar energy, using up to three 400 W panels in series. With this method, it achieves 100% charge between 3 and 6 hours . But if you use the electrical connection to the car it can be charged to 100% in 9.5 hours.

The other charging method is by connecting to the AC outlet on the wall, reaching its maximum level in 1.6 hours. As you can see, no matter where you are, you will always have your fully charged generator available to supply power when you need it.

It has several security measures

EcoFlow company designed an innovative generator with a modern look, elegant, smart and powerful, aiming to supply portable, clean and reliable power. By substituting gas or traditional fuel to run the generator, more security is achieved, reinventing the energy supply for everyone.

The generator is built in a shock-resistant structure, and has a BMS protection system to guarantee your safety. This system monitors voltage, current, short circuits and temperature in real time, displaying the information on a digital panel.

It also has an app for smartphones, with which you can monitor and control your portable generator comfortably and remotely.

It is capable of charging different equipment

It is capable of powering virtually any device thanks to its 1400W AC output and 9 different types of ports . Through its AC, DC, USB-A and USB-C ports you can supply power to devices such as laptops, smartphones, dishwashers, hair dryers or refrigerators.

Through its X-Boost technology you can supply electrical power to devices of up to 2200 W, reaching 80% charge in less than 1 hour. Once the battery is charged, it can maintain its level for up to 99 hours while you are not using it, with a useful life of 6 years.

The packaging includes a 5521 DC cable, a 5525 DC cable, and the solar, AC, and car connection cables.

Good value for money

Although its price may seem high a priori, if we consider its usefulness it is worth the expense. On the other hand, the EcoFlow company offers a 24-month guarantee , as well as an after-sales service ready to attend to all the problems that arise.

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