Easter eggs” in Allods Online

Allods Online – “Easter eggs” games.

It’s always fun and interesting to find “tricks” in games – such funny moments and references to real events or other games, and rarely any online game can do without these “tricks” The record holder for the number of “tricks” in the online world has always been and remains World of Warcraft. But as it turned out, Allods are not far behind him.

Is this the prototype of Grigory Domov?

On the Wandering Island, in the new addition to Allods Online – The Game of Gods, you will find Dr. Grigory Domov, a nod to the famous House MD. What in translation from English (literally) means House. Doctor Domov is located, as it was said, on the Wandering Island at coordinates 54.5 82.4 and issues several tasks.


In general, the latest update of Allods is rich in Easter eggs, so there is a giant battle golem Ram-Shaitan on the Frontier, there are still Rammstein fans in the ranks of the developers.

famous lemmings

There, on the Frontier, we can meet lemmings that cross the atoll and rush into the depths of the astral. Remember the old, old game on


and a PC where it was necessary to save the unfortunate stupid lemmings and bring them home, alas, in the cruel world of Sarnaut, no one will save the lemmings and they rush into the astral plane over and over again.

Now we know “halvah” is eternal

But the original version of the allods was also rich in “sleep”, for example, in the Caves of Gipat you are waiting for the real bloodsuckers from Half-Life 2.

Andrey Chikatilin

Andrei Chikatilin, who lives in Nezebgrad, is a clear hint

on the famous maniac Chikatilo.

Two Larochki it’s time to make a wish

And Lara Lopatina, which Empire players can watch in the Dead Sea, is a clear allusion to Lara Croft.

And here is Gogolevsky Viy

The League is also not deprived of “Easter eggs”, so in the Plague Castle you will be met by Svetlana Valirskaya, like a witch descended from Gogol’s pages of “Viya”. Yes, and at the castle itself, there is a person who is very similar to one political figure (guess for yourself).

Guess who =)




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