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Devil May Cry 3 Dante’s Awakening Special Edition – Numbers on each level

At each level, there are items that are numbers and indicate which level you are playing at.

In each of the missions of the game, you can find a number that resembles the number of the current stage:

1 mission – big number 1 on the pizza box;

2 mission – number 2 on the billboard next to Dante’s store;

3 mission – three enemies who died in the explosion of a motorcycle form the number 3 when falling;

4 mission – a flag in the shape of the number 4 hangs near the meeting point of Virgil and Arkham;

5 mission – after one of the enemies crashes into the wall, traces of blood remain on it in the form of the number 5;

Mission 6 – after the explosion of the rocket, a sign in the form of the number 6 remains on the ground;

mission 7 – when Dante falls from a headshot, a blood stain in the form of the number 7 remains on the floor;

8 mission – at the moment when Dante gets up and walks next to the columns, you can see the number 8 on the moon behind him;

9 mission – the number 9 can be seen on the clip left from the Lady;

10 mission – when Virgil beats Arkham, blood splashes on the book, freezing in the form of the number 10;

11 mission – after Arkham disappears, you can see a smeared blood stain in the form of the number 11;

Mission 12 – When Dante grabs the Haywire Neo-Generator, Jester rides off in what looks like the number 12.

13 mission – immediately after Virgil makes a sacrifice, the camera angle changes, and the number 13 can be seen on the column;

14 mission – the number 14 can be seen on the edge of the crevice where Virgil fell;

Mission 15 – when the video starts, the camera shows a door with strange symbols, to the right of it it is easy to see the number 15, made of wood;

Mission 16 – after Dante begins to change human form to demonic, he will start shooting: the flashes from the shots are shown as the number 16;

17 mission – when Arkham makes the stones move, in the lower left corner of the screen, two rocks add up to the number 17;

18 mission – when Dante moves through the portal to the demonic world, you can see a flying newspaper with the printed number 18;

19 mission – during the video, bookshelves are shown with empty places that form the number 19;

Mission 20 – After Lady shoots her father, the mist accumulates in the shape of the number 20.


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