Detoxify and lose weight after the holidays: the special recipe

Detoxify and lose weight after the holidays: which foods to use to help the body get rid of accumulations and toxins?

Christmas and New Year’s put everyone to the test.
Even those who are normally very attentive to health often end up overdoing it.

To restore balance in the body very quickly, we can use some particular ingredients with a strong detoxifying power every day for a few weeks.

Let’s see what are the strategic ingredients to do some cleaning at the beginning of the year:

Brown rice

Brown rice has a detoxifying and slimming effect. It helps us get rid of toxins and any fat accumulated during this period in which we tend to eat more and do less physical activity.

It also has an important anti- inflammatory effect , particularly useful in this period in which we have probably abused flours and sugars and perhaps even animal food, all foods with a strong inflammatory power. Attention: in case of colitis, especially if you are not used to it, it is better to use semi-brown rice or use the wholemeal one passed through a sieve.



The main virtues of algae are detoxifying and slimming . They help us get rid of toxins, but especially heavy metals and radioactivity. Iodine stimulates the thyroid by increasing the metabolism.
For example, just add a 5 cm piece of wakame seaweed to any soup or minestrone to benefit from all the properties of seaweed .

Attention: due to the presence of iodine they are not suitable in case of hyperthyroidism.



Ginger helps the body get rid of excess fats and mucus .

The abuse of flours, sugars and dairy products increases the production of mucus in the body, favoring the onset of colds , otitis media, sinusitis , coughs . A little ginger juice added to hot tea, or to soups or cereals or legumes , is of great help. Just grate a piece of fresh root and squeeze the pulp obtained between your fingers to extract the juice. It should always be added at the end, without letting it boil.


Funghi Shiitake

These mushrooms are really special and have so many properties that they are used in mycotherapy . They help us lower cholesterol , regulate blood pressure, stimulate the immune system , protect the liver , lose weight, promote the growth of intestinal bacterial flora and even relax.

They can be purchased fresh or dried. One is used per person in soups, vegetable stews.


White turnip , radish and daikon (giant radish) help us get rid of retained fats and liquids. These simple vegetables, so much so that they have been somewhat forgotten, are precious health allies, especially in this period of excesses.
They are used everywhere, cooked and raw.



Miso is especially valuable for the intestines . Restores balance in the bacterial flora, tones the intestinal mucosa and helps the intestine to get rid of old deposits and encrustations. It has an alkalizing effect, therefore very important in this period of abuse of acidifying foods.

It is usually used to salt and flavor soups . Use 1 teaspoon per person. It dissolves separately with a little cooking liquid and is added at the end, without letting it boil.


Special recipe: Detox broth

for 2 people:

  • 5 cm in wakame algae
  • 2 funghi shitake
  • 1 white turnip or a piece of fresh daikon
  • fresh gingerroot
  • 1 tablespoon of rice or barley miso
  • 500-600ml of water

Put the water in a saucepan and add the seaweed and the mushrooms . Peel the turnip or daikon and cut into large pieces. Add to pot and bring to a boil. Cook for about 15-20 minutes covered. At the end of cooking, turn off and remove the vegetables. With a little broth, melt the miso separately and add it to the pot. Grate a small piece of fresh root and squeeze the pulp obtained between your fingers to extract the juice. Add a few drops of ginger juice , to taste.




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