Democracy with many advantages that you should know!

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of democracy are? Because each regime would have different benefits. But it depends on many factors. For example, economic, social and cultural citizen education level This includes domestic issues such as poverty, religious or racial differences, and political prejudices. Today we will take a look at the real democracy. What is it and what are its advantages? If you are ready, let’s search for answers together.

What does democracy mean?

in modern times ‘Democracy’ is used quite a bit. Which countries around the world claim that their own country has a democratic system of government, although there is a political form of governance Different social and economic 

For example, socialist countries such as China and the former Soviet Union claim to have a democratic form of government. But it is centralized, which means Citizens will have limited rights and liberties. In politics, there are only a few people in power. Another neighboring country of ours, Indonesia, after independence from the Netherlands, uses a democratic regime to lead the way. which Dutch President Sukarno believes will effectively revitalize the country

It can be seen that ‘democracy’ is extremely multifaceted. So to avoid confusion, let’s take a look at the meaning of liberal democracy, also known as western democracy.

  • meaning of democracy

The word democracy is translated into English as democracy, which is derived from two words demos meaning people and kratia meaning government. Together, it means that rule by the people Our Thai word is a combination of the two Sanskrit words Pracha (people) + sovereignty (greatness).

  • power with the scope of the people

The ultimate power, of course, comes from the people. When born, everyone has the right and freedom to think and act. However, when coming together as a society, the scope of power will be determined. Therefore, the people have renounced certain powers to the rulers.

  • Give priority to rights freedom and equality

It is believed that the best governance is one that respects rights. freedom and equality Involve all democratic citizens in social activities. economics and politics for national and self-development The important thing is to have the freedom to act in any way under the law.

  • the people’s voice

When people own sovereignty Their voices are very important in politics. because it will create a society in its own way, whether reading the direction of political parties to develop the country Participation in elections to the House of Representatives and complaints or protests to let the government know the problem

  • people’s will

One of the clearest descriptions of democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, by Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States. The leaders elected by the people represent the will of the people. The government is a political party with a majority vote that will end in power when the term expires.

Advantages of democracy

After learning what democracy is and what it looks like, let’s dive deeper into what aspects of this form of government are useful.

  1. Self-governing people

Citizens can choose their representatives to make laws with their legislative powers. And can be a government to administer and take care of meeting the needs of the general public. As representatives of the people, they must know the needs of citizens well.

  1. The country has developed steadily.

due to involvement in government Citizens therefore accepted the records and followed the rules. Have been accepted in the selected working group. which resulted in the nation being peaceful and stable

  1. People have rights. freedom and equality

All citizens have the right to equality regardless of their economic status. for example Property and body rights There is also the freedom to do any action that does not infringe on the freedom of other people, such as criticizing. Religion, speech, including equality by law, such as occupation

  1. People have principles and discipline.

Citizens of a country with a democracy will be able to adhere to legitimate principles. as well as learning about morals and ethics as well Living together in society is good.

  1. The government is stable.

If any country has a democratic regime, it will be stable. and accepted by the world community

Democracy is better than expected!

How is it for the content of democracy and the meaning? Characteristics and benefits that we picked up to present today. Many people would have fully understood that What is ‘democracy’? It is useful in terms of national development, security, international recognition and rights. freedom and equality of the people It also helps people in the nation to be aware of the right principles. morality and ethics as well It is considered one of the best forms of government and is popular all over the world. Studying and understanding them will greatly help you become an informed citizen and aware of your own and others’ rights.





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