Create Excel formulas on demand with artificial intelligence

Microsoft Excel is the Microsoft Office spreadsheet application, a de facto standard in office software due to quality, but also the typical tricks of the Redmond giant when it comes to positioning its solutions in the industry and the market. consumer market is concerned. Hence, the term  excel  has become popular to the level of serving as a synonym for spreadsheet.

Total, that by active or passive, it is very possible that you use Microsoft Excel in your day to day and, not something else, but powerful it is for a while. At least in this case, due to its quality, it deserves to be the reference in its category. But it is not an application that is available to everyone for beyond the basics, that is, generate the necessary formulas for the work that is being carried out.

In this regard, we have recently published some articles that you may be interested in taking a look at: for example,  three Excel tricks that will make your life easier ,  calculating percentages with Excel ,  calculating rules of three with Excel  or  using conditional formatting in Excel . As you can see, everything revolves around formulas, finding the right formula for your needs.

However, creating Excel formulas is not an easy task for users who lack in-depth experience with the application, and even those who do can spend hours creating efficient Excel formulas to cover a one-off task that can be repeat and, therefore, reuse, or not. That is why  Excel AI Formula Generator  is a tool that you may be interested in learning about.

Excel AI Formula Generator is a paid service, but with a limited free plan that allows you to generate your own  Excel formulas using artificial intelligence , in the style of projects so popular in recent times such as DALL-E. In other words, you tell it what you want and it creates the formula for you. And yes, don’t be fooled by the interface in English, because you can write it in Spanish without any problem, who understands you just the same.

Three examples, from easy to difficult, of how the Excel AI Formula Generator works:

Simple right? At least, for those who have some notions about Excel formulas and know what they want. Of course, you have to play a bit and learn how to do it, but it will always be easier and faster than putting yourself through trial and error. Furthermore, Excel AI Formula Generator is not limited to Excel, but also works to create  formulas for Google Docs , i.e. for Google Sheets.

All the information about and the utility itself, on the  Excel AI Formula Generator site , where you will find help in case you need it, to get started on the hazardous adventure of creating Excel formulas. Or from Google Sheets. From spreadsheets, but with designation of origin.





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