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conflict management model

Culture, Gender, and Conflict Management Styles: A Comparison between Thai and American Students”

There are five conflict management styles :

  1. Escaping(Avoiding/Withdrawing) – This is a style of manipulation that does not serve anyone’s goals. Run away from problems and abandon desires. It may be temporary until the situation improves or withdraw permanently. [Think of yourself and think less of others]
  2. Obliging/Accommodating – Willing tosatisfy the other person without sacrificing their own needs. [Think of yourself a little. and misses others a lot]
  3. Use of authority(Dominating/Competing) – Focus on responding to one’s own goals. Use every power you see fit to get what you want. Be it argumentative abilities or a higher position. [think about yourself a lot and think less of others]
  4. compromise (Compromising) – Find a solution that both parties can accept. give more than the competitors but not to be a submissive and face more problems than the avoider But not as deep as the collaborators. [moderately thinks of himself and thinks of others]
  5. Integrating/Collaborating – Trying to find a solution with the parties, aiming to meet the goals of both parties. Go deeper into issues to come up with creative solutions that satisfy both of them. [think of yourself and think of others a lot]

From collecting data with 575 Thai and American students, it was found that the Thai and American samples male and female Reports on different forms of conflict management are as follows:

Conflict management styles that Thai people commonly use, in descending order, are:

  1. Submissive 2. Escape 3. Integrate 4. Use power 5. Compromise

Conflict management styles that Americans commonly use, in descending order, are:

  1. Integrate 2. Use power 3. Run away 4. Submissive 5. Compromise

Conflict management styles that men tend to use, in descending order, are:

  1. Integrate 2. Use power 3. Submissive 4. Escape 5. Compromise

Conflict management styles that women commonly use, in descending order, are:

  1. Integrate 2. Escape 3. Compromise 4. Compromise 5. Use power

Thai people vs American people

The reason why the Thai sample used the escape and submissive conflict management strategy more than the Americans And Americans use more authoritative, compromising and integrated conflict management strategies than Thais. that is because Most Thai people have high collective values. That means I don’t like competition within the group. Try to avoid disagreements and confrontations. Feel safer when you depend on each other. There is also little drive to claim their own rights. Caring for relationships more than their own goals on the contrary Most Americans have high individualistic values. which has the characteristics of self-respect than others Deal with conflict through action, negotiation, and authority. View clashes and arguments as positive attributes of openness and democracy.


Man VS Woman

As for the comparison between men and women, it was found that both sexes used the most integrated conflict management style, but men managed more authoritative conflict than women and women managed escapism. follow and compromise more than men The reason is because women tend to focus on relationships. Seeing that aggressive behavior is unforgivable, retreating, compromising or compromising is therefore a better option. whereas men are the more assertive, dominant and dominant gender.


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