Complete list of mobile devices compatible with the WOM network

What problem isn’t it? It is true that in recent times the controversy between mobile phone companies is the order of the day, WOM goes against the main companies such as Claro, Movistar and Entel , accusing them of selling devices that can only be used by them. , being that if you change between the three companies mentioned above there is no problem.

The problems begin when we want to go to WOM. Crazy? I don’t think it is that much and even more so by providing all the facilities, whether virtual or face-to-face, to pay your bills . But before making any decision it is always advisable to know every detail of the company , its main characteristics, rates and of course coverage to make a decision based on solid arguments and not on simple conjectures.

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  1. WOM vs Movistar, Entel and Claro
  2. How to know if my mobile is accepted by the WOM company
  3. Learn to recognize if your mobile phone is compatible with the WOM 4G network

WOM vs Movistar, Entel and Claro

What’s the drama? What’s going on? Will the world end? Not at all, the issue is that basically if you think about it with a little logic, how is it possible for a mobile phone to be compatible with three companies and not one? The highest possibility is that the frequencies with which WOM works are not compatible with those of the three companies.

It would be ideal for WOM to think about adapting and being exactly the same as the three mentioned above. Therefore, a person who buys a phone from WOM cannot use the same phone from any other company.

How to know if my mobile is accepted by the WOM company

Well then, the way to know if it is really compatible with said company is actually quite simple, all we have to do is enter and all we have to do next is put the brand of our mobile , the model clearly and the sub model, after this the country and the company with which we bought said mobile, in this way we will be able to see after a small process in which bands the equipment is compatible.

I always, but I always recommend purchasing mobiles from independent websites , if you are in Chile you can basically purchase free 2×1 promotions since not only do they end up being much cheaper, but we also save different kinds of problems in general, and without going too far Lately it ends up being cheaper to buy a free one, without being linked to any company that binds you practically for life.

Although, as I said, this problem is mostly related to WOM itself, so personally, I would not change to that company for any reason, since, in the long term, it would end up being quite expensive for you. But it’s just an opinion on my part and I must admit that we are in a free world and we all have the right to make our decisions as we see fit.

So it is only a matter of making a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the telephone company that we have chosen to make the purchase of a mobile and finally select the one that we consider the best option for us. But I imagine that with the considerations exposed in this post, you will have at least a little guidance.

Learn to recognize if your mobile phone is compatible with the WOM 4G network

Before making any decision related to changing the mobile phone company, it is appropriate that you review the equipment that you will use for the communication service, even more so if you have not purchased it directly with the WOM company. Why do we say it? for the simple reason that the case of incompatibility with your 4G network may arise and therefore have problems when using your services.

What is recommended before making the telephone change is to first consult the team. How do we do it? entering the official page of WOM in the 4G compatibility section. Once we are on that page we have to fill in all the information that it asks for. Some are mandatory, such as the cell phone number and the IMEI (To know the IMEI write *#06#). This will help us determine compatibility and ensure we make a good decision.





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