Codes for Victoria 2

Codes for the game Victoria 2.

Ability to play for inaccessible countries:

Start the game as any country. Best choice if the country you started as has already captured the one you want to play as. Look around, remembering the owner of the provinces of the desired country. For example, you want to play as Croatia, whose territories already belong to Austria at the start of the game. Save the game and go to the folder:

game folder\history\provinces\austria\

Here you will find all the Austrian provinces in numerical order. Croatia belongs from 770 to 782, for example ‘ 771 – Zagreb.txt ‘. Open each with a text editor, each looks something like this:

owner = OFF

controller = OFF

add_core = AUS

add_core = CRO

add_core = HUN

add_core = YUG

trade_goods = timber

life_rating = 35

Change the owner and controller lines to your country code (Croatia – Cro). Start the game again, and now you will be able to select it at the very beginning. Open the console by pressing Alt + Num2 + Num1, enter the code into the console and press Enter.

List of codes:

cash – adds 1000 local money

event ID – activates the event; see the list of events in /Folder with the game/Events

inc – instant construction (in 1 day)

inr – instant research (per 1 day)

goods – adds 10000 of all resources

leadership – gives points to create officers/admirals

instantconstruction – the building is built in one day (applies to AI)

instantresearch – technologies are studied in one day (also applies to AI)

yesmen – AI agrees to all offers (unlocked in version 1.2 only)

prestige – prestige (opened only in version 1.2)




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