Codes for NBA 2K12

List of codes with which you can get a new form and new commands.

From the Features menu choose Extras , then Codes and enter one of the following codes to get different results:

payrespect — мяч ABA

23 — Retro Air Jordans

2kchina – 2K China team

2ksports is a team from 2K Sports

nba2k is the NBA 2K development team

vcteam – VC team

agsntrccai — Bobcats NASCAR Racing form

aifnaatccv — Cavs Cavfanatic form

wasshcicsl — форма Hardwood Classics для Cavaliers, Jazz, Magic, Raptors, Timberwolves, Trail Blazers и Warriors

asrdirmga — Hornets Mardi Gras form

eydonscar – Secondary road uniform for Grizzlies, Hawks, Mavs and Rockets

riiasgerh – St Patrick’s Day uniform for Bulls, Celtics, Knicks and Raptors

ycprtii — форма Trail Blazers Rip City



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