Codes for LEGO Star Wars,Super%20Battle%20Droid A selection of secret commands that allow you to get new characters and unique items.

The following codes can be entered in Dexter’s shop. From this you will have all sorts of profits and benefits:

  1. 987UYR= Battle Droid
  2. EN11K5= Battle Droid (Commander)
  3. LK42U6= Battle Droid (Geonosis)
  4. KF999A= Battle Droid (Security)
  5. LA811Y= Boba Fett
  6. F8B4L6= Clone
  7. ER33JN= Clone (Episode III)
  8. BHU72T= Clone (Episode III Pilot)
  9. N3T6P8= Clone (Episode III Swamp)
  10. RS6E25= Clone (Episode III Walker)
  11. 14PGMN= Count Dooku
  12. H35TUX= Darth Maul
  13. A32CAM= Darth Sidious
  14. VR832U= Disguised Clone
  15. DH382U= Droideka
  16. SF321Y= General Grievous
  17. 19D7NB= Geonosian
  18. ZTY392= Grievous’ Bodyguard
  19. U63B2A= Gonk Droid
  20. PL47NH= Jango Fett
  21. DP55MV= Ki-Adi Hundi
  22. CBR954= Kit Fisto
  23. A725X4= Luminara
  24. MS952L= Mace Windu (Episode III)
  25. 92UJ7D= Padme
  26. R840JU= PK Droid
  27. BEQ82H= Princess Leia
  28. L54YUK= Rebel Trooper
  29. PP43JX= Royal Guard
  30. EUW862= Shaak Ti
  31. XZNR21= Super Battle Droid



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