Codes for King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame (PC)

Player upgrade.

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + 1 to open the console and type

into it one of the following codes to activate them.

Pressing F1 in it will show a list of all commands, F3 will show the last command.

To activate commands without functions, add a space after them.

playerindex or unitindex start at 0

Example for AddXP command:

AddXP gpKay 200 or AddXP gpKing_mark 100 or AddXP gpPercival 1

Since I translated it myself, there may be inaccuracies,

so don’t be too harsh 🙂

Designated unit recruit speed – SetSpeed ​​[unittype] [speed]

Target unit’s combat speed – GetSpeed ​​[playerindex] [unitindex]

Add or remove an artifact from a hero – Artifact [add | remove] [hero] [artifact name]

Gain experience for the specified hero – SetXP [hero] [number]

Add experience to the hero – AddXP [hero] [number]

Add Army XP – AddUnitXP4Army [“Ruler”] [armyindex] [XP]

Add vp points to a player – GiveVP [PlayerIndex] [points]

Add vp to player limit – GiveVPTreshold [PlayerIndex] [points]

Show strength of given unit – GetStrength [player] [unit]

Set actual peer camera position – SendCamera

Send message in peer chat in multiplayer – Chat

Add hp or mana to a unit in combat – GivePoints [player] [unit] [hp|mana] [points]

Add a quest in the given area to the strategist. map – SpawnQuest [hexaid] [quest]

Complete active quests without rewards – FinishActiveQuest

Add artifact to hero – GiveArtifact [hero] [artifact name]

Add skill to hero – AddSkill [hero] [skill name] [skill level]

Add brides to the hero — GiveLady [count]

Add a new unit to the hero’s army – GiveArmyUnit [hero] [soldiertype] [count] [rank]

Set Player’s Faith – GiveFaith [-20 to 20]

Set Player Virtue – GiveVirtue [-20 to 20]

Add money to the ruler – GiveMoney [ruler] [money]

Add food – GiveFood [food]

God mode in auto battle – AutoBattleGodMode [god|halfgod|man]

This ruler declares war on the player – DeclareWarToHuman [“ruler”]

Disable archer damage – DisableArcheryDamage

Enable archer damage – EnableArcheryDamage

Kill all player units in combat – KillAll [player index]

Designated player wins the battle – WinBattle [player number]

Remove connection or reconnect player in multiplayer – net [drop|reconnect]




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