Codes for F.E.A.R. extraction point


During game play, press the [T] key (default [Talk] function)

To activate the external code, enter the following code:

guns – вce opyzhie

tears – all weapons and infinite ammo

god – invulnerability

build – show game version

ammo – ве патпоны

armor – all armor

health – vce zdopovye

poltergeist – burn “ppividenie”

gear – improve health and reflexes

maphole – go to the next level

pos – press positions

gimmegun [name] – get the specified weapon

gimmeammo [name] – get ammo for the specified weapon

kfa – вче опыжие, патпоны, бпоня and здоповье

Hazvanie opyzhi:

Use the following names with code gimmegun

Assault rifle

Pylemet: cannon

Two pistols : dual pistols

Frag grenade : frag grenade

Launcher : missile launcher

Construction gun : nail gun

Pipe bomb : remote charge

Pistol: pistol

Plasma cannon : plasma weapon

Semi-automatic. rifle: semi-auto rifle

Subtitle: shotgun

Machine gun (SMG): submachinegun

Anti-oxex mine : proximity

?????? : gimmegun turret

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