Codes for Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt

Cheats for health, weapons, ammo, armor, level selection, third-person view, and more.

While playing, press [Enter] , press the space bar, enter one of the following codes, and then press [Enter] again to activate it:

mpcanthurtme – Turn immortality on/off

mpschuckit – Get weapons and ammo

mpsmithy – Complete set of armor

mpkohler – All ammo

mpbeamme – Go to the beginning of the level

mpsixthsense — Enable No Clip Mode

mpicu – Turn on/off third person view

mptachometer – Enable/disable movement speed sensor

mpsizeme – Turn on/off player size information

mpgps – Enable/disable information about the location of the player

mpxfiles — Select level

mpdeathtoall – Kill everyone but your character

mpmph – Show FPS

mptriggers — Activate triggers



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