Clash Royale: How likely is it to be legendary in a giant chest?

What is the probability that a legendary card will appear when opening a giant chest? If you have also asked yourself this question, you have to know that in this article we will try to cover all the information about it. The truth is that practically all Clash Royale users are happy when one of these chests appears , although the results may vary later.

Well, to be an expert in this game you have to know all the necessary definitions of it, only in this way can we be alert to all these variations. To be able to give us an idea of ​​what will happen with each step or movement that we make in the game.

Today we will provide you with all the information to calculate the probabilities of obtaining a legendary card in the game. To do so we will provide you with percentages and statistics to do so.

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  1. What is Clash Royale game?
  2. Chance to drop legendary in giant chest
    1. More interesting facts about Clash Royale

What is Clash Royale game?

If you are new to the wonderful world of Clash Royale , it is appropriate that we provide you with a brief definition of what it consists of .

Well, this is an online strategy game , which is only suitable for mobile devices. It also offers the possibility of being played in real time, also in this it is opportune that you are very skilled in planning strategies and tactics. So that in that way you can advance in level as quickly as possible.

It is also appropriate to mention that this mobile game is a creation of the Finnish company Supercell, which is responsible for creating equally successful games on the market.

Part of its success is that it is available for free for all types of mobile devices. However, in the same way if you want to buy an accessory, food, diamonds, among others. This gives the option of acquiring them quickly, by purchasing them.

To acquire game products is quite simple, there are also several payment methods that facilitate them. It is important to mention that if we make an unwanted purchase, this gives us the possibility to request a refund . As long as we know how to justify the facts and circumstances of the purchase, in addition to presenting a series of requirements and proofs that the game managers request.

Chance to drop legendary in giant chest

Next we will offer you the possibilities of obtaining a legendary letter:

  • Arena 4: Giant Chest Legendary Chance -> 0.27%.
  • Arena 5: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 0.53%.
  • Arena 6: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 0.97%.
  • Arena 7: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 1.23%.
  • Arena 8: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 1.42%.
  • Arena 9: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 1.62%.
  • Arena 10: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 1.76%.
  • Arena 11: Legendary Chance on Giant Chest -> 1.90%.

As you may have seen, to be clear about the probability that it will come out legendary in a giant chest, you have to consider the previous formulas that we have just mentioned. It happens that the probability that it will appear legendary in giant chest is really small. A simple account shows that you would have to open between 50 and 100 giant chests to get a legendary card.

More interesting facts about Clash Royale

If you are looking for an alternative to distract yourself in your free time, this is undoubtedly the best option for you. Well, it has amazing graphics, it also has many ways to play it and it gives you the opportunity to get many game accessories. Not to mention that it has the option to choose your own name, it allows you to choose which clan you want to belong to, among others.

Another of the great advantages of this game is that it has very few download requirements, the first is that your mobile must have enough storage space so that the game can be installed without problems.

It is also essential that you connect to a Wi-Fi network to be able to play it, since this is not a title that can be played offline. So if you were looking for a game to play without a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, we are sorry to tell you that this is not the one for you.




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