Cheats for Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate

Codes for the game Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate.

In the folder with the game, find the directory “Data”

It will contain game configuration files in which

you can change almost all the parameters of the game.

Here is some of them:

Accounting.dat – experience (Experience)

SpellDef.dat — сила Psyker (Psyker Powers)

VehicDef.dat – Vehicle Statistics

WeapDef.dat – Weapon Statistics

UltNames.dat — Ultramarine names (Ultramarine Names)

ChaNames.dat – Chaos names (Chaos Names)

For version 1.2


You can reload weapons even if you have less than 15

AP (key [9]).

Devastating Squad:

You can create a Devastator Squad, in which all special forces (Marines) will

equipped with HEAVY weapons. You will need 1 EMPTY slot. Demote

one commando from the Devastator Squad (so that the Squad consists of only

out of 4 people). Enter the “Configure Squad” screen. Equip

heavy weapons 2 and return to the main hall. Go to screen

“Select and Configure Squads” and assign one of them to the Devastator squad.

Go to the “Configure Squad” screen. You will see that the 5th commando

equipped with a heavy BOLTER. You can change it to any other

heavy weapon. Return to main HALL. Now you have three

commandos are equipped with heavy weapons.

Equip the whole team:

To do this, move one of the members of the Devastator Squad,

equipped only with a Bolter, go to the “Configure Squad” screen

and return to the main menu, go back to

“Select and Configure Squads” and assign a commando to the Devastator Squad,

enter the “Configure Squad” screen. And again you will see that the 5th person

equipped with a heavy Bolter. Repeat what has been done so that the last marin

got a heavy WEAPON.




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