Cheats for Rage (PC)

Cheat codes for the PC version of the game RAGE, which give immortality, weapons, infinite ammo and much more

To activate the console, start the game with the parameter 

+set com_allowconsole 1

. Write in the properties of the game shortcut, in the column

An object

separated by a space (example: ” C:\Program Files\Rage ”  +set com_allowconsole 1 ). Or add to the launch options in Steam (right click on the game / Properties / Set launch options ).

Launch the game, press the tilde ( ~ ) and type:

cvarAdd g_vendorSalePriceScale —1

– all items in stores cost $1

cvarAdd g_EnableGore —1

– disables the display of blood

cvarAdd g_permaGodMode 1

– immortality

cvarAdd g_infiniteAmmo 1

– endless ammo

cvarAdd vehicle_infiniteboost 1

– infinite acceleration of the car

cvarAdd vehicle_god 1

– invulnerable machines

cvarAdd pm_runspeed x

– changes the speed of walking (instead of x here and then, type a positive or negative number)

cvarAdd pm_sprintspeed x  – Changes sprint speed

cvarAdd pm_sprintMaxTime x  – Changes the sprint time

cvarAdd pm_crouchspeed x  – crawl speed on all fours

cvarAdd vehicle_boostChargeAmount 3.0  – instant replenishment of nitro

cvarAdd vehicle_birdsView 1  – top view when driving a car

cvarAdd vehicle_birdsViewDistance x  – camera flight height when the previous code is activated (default x=1700)

cvarAdd veh_ignoreCollide 1  – the vehicle does not break down from collisions with obstacles, but it can still be destroyed by shooting

cvarAdd pm_fatalFallDist 10000  – Cannot be broken when falling from a great height

cvarAdd g_playerHealthRegenDelay x  – character health regeneration speed

To disable the code, dial 1 instead of -1 or -1 instead of 1.



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