Cheats for Madden NFL 06

Codes for the game Madden NFL 06.

From the main menu, select My Madden, then Madden Cards, and finally

Madden Codes. Then enter the following codes:

555128 – all stadiums;

614897 – classic commands;

Z28X8K — 3rd Down;

P66C4L — 5rd Down;

N44D6E – players are poorly oriented on the field;

J33I8F – 75% more interceptions in defense;

L96U8Z — Coffin Corner;

P39I7J — Couch Potato;

B61A8M – unlimited pass range;

I76X3T – unlimited strike range;

M89S8G – extra points;

V65J8P — First and Fifteen;

O72E9B — First and Five;

R14B8Z – Smokers;

R18C5K — Hands of Glue;

W18R6P — Hands of Stone;

L96J7P – 75% more chance of tackling the ball;

E53G8W — Clock;

D57R5S – stupid passes from opponents;

X78P9Z – disables the ability to select or intercept the ball;

Y59R8R — Mr. Mobility;

Z15F9Z — «Ouch!»;

T67X6R – fast pass;

J83E9V – “penetrating” ability;

G97L1J — Pocket Protectors;

E65S6M — QB On Target;

D59K3Y — Super Dive;




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