Cheats for Left 4 Dead 2,Invulnerability%20%2,Invulnerability%20%2D%20god A collection of secret commands with which your character will never run out of ammunition and he will always remain safe and sound.

In the “Options” menu, select “Keyboard / Mouse” and activate the “Allow Developers Console” function . In the game, press [~] and enter the following codes to get certain results:

Full ammo – give ammo

Get a pistol

Get ammo for the first weapon – impulse 101

Get shotgun – give autoshotgun

Get first aid kit – give first_aid_kit

Restore health to full – give health

Get gas can – give gascan

Get hunting rifle – give hunting_rifle

Get a Molotov Cocktail – give molotov

Get an oxygen mask – give oxygentank

Get Painkiller – give_pain_pills

Get a bomb – give pipe_bomb

Get a propane canister – give propanetank

Get MK 47 machine gun – give rifle

Get SMG – z_spawn weapon_SMG

Invulnerability – god



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