Cheats for Knights and Merchants (PC)

Completion of the current mission and plus to the reserves.

To enable the cheat mode, you need to do the following: open the inventory window (Storage House) and click on the following items one by one (a red triangle will appear in the squares, indicating that the item is selected):

Row 1 item 3 (Wooden Boards)

Row 2 Item 2 (Iron Bars)

Row 2 Item 4 (Wine Casks)

Row 3, Item 1 (Bread)

Row 3, Item 5 (Cooked Meat)

Row 4 Item 1 (Animal Hide)

Row 4, Item 5 (Plate Mail)

Row 5 Item 1 (Hand Axes)

Row 5 Item 2 (Swords)

Row 5 Item 3 (Lances)

Row 5 Item 4 (Pikes)

Row 5 Item 5 (Long Bows)

You can now clunk to Crossbows (Row 6, Item 1) to increase your supply of all materials by 10, or to Horses (Row 6, Item 2) to complete the current mission.




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