Cheats for Fate: The Traitor Soul

Codes for the game Fate: The Traitor Soul.

During the game, press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[~] to bring up the console, enter the desired code and press [Enter] to confirm:

Gold  — +500,000 gold

Fame  – +1000 Fame

Experience  – +5000 Experience

Blood  – Displays red blood instead of particles

Noblood  – Disable blood display

Ascend [###]  – Add the desired number of levels (### – number)

Descend [###]  – Remove the desired number of levels (### – number)

Discoverall  – Open the dungeon map

Fountain of Health  – Summons a fountain of health

Fountain of Mana  – Summons a fountain of mana

Fountain of Stamina  – Summons a fountain of stamina

Shrine of Learning  – Summons a fountain that grants a random buff

Fate Statue  – Summons a statue that summons a unique monster

Dumpmap  – Save the current map data in the file “maze.txt”

Magic Anvil  – Summons a magical anvil that grants a random buff

Levelup [###]  – Raise the hero’s experience level (### – number)

God  – Raise 10 levels of hero experience and 8 levels

Heal  – Full health

Large Chest  – Summons a large empty chest

[Creature Name]  – Summon a creature (enter its name)

[Item Name]  – Call an item (enter a name)




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