Cheats for Earth 2150: Moon Project

Cheats for the game Earth 2150: Moon Project.

Enter codes right during the game:

Cheater 1 – Activates cheat mode.

MyBrainIsFaster 1 is a fast invention of technology.

Limit_Up \# – Raises the unit limit to \#.

MoneyForNothing \# – increases the amount of money to \#.

To enter codes, press Enter and enter the code:

cheater – enable cheat mode

beautifulmoon — вcя кapтa

here you are! — yvidet’ vpagov

shower – destroy everything that is visible on the screen

judgmentday – the end of all enemies visible on the screen

ByeBye – ppoigpysh

beautifulmoon 0/1 — show the entire coat

hotground – place mines

gohome! – destroy buildings

Smash – destroy enemy buildings

ScienceForNothing – unlimited research

Moonlight – remove “fog of war”

NobelPrize — in all technologies

Tromaville — predicted in the game of an ekpane

Attention: another variation of the cheater code is possible – cheater 1




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