Cheats for BioShock 2

A set of codes with which your character will gain invulnerability, will be able to walk through walls and will always have a full ammo horn.

In the game folder find SP/Builds/Binaries. We are interested in the Defuser_int.ini file. AT

section [Default] enter the key to which you would like to assign a code and

code then save the file and run the game. It should get something like this: “F11=fly”.

god – invulnerability

fly — flight mode

ghost – walk through walls

walk – disable walking through walls or flying

teleport – teleport to the location where the cursor is

killpawns – kill all enemies on the level

slomo – slow motion

suicide — suicide

givehealth – full health

givebioammo – get all ammo

igbigbucks – get $500 money




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