Cheats for BioShock 2


Attention: make backup copies of all edited files

B пaпкe C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock2\

(for Windows Vista and Win7)


C:\Documents and Settings\<пoльзoвaтeль>\Application Data\Roaming\Bioshock2\

find the User.ini file and open it with notepad:

find the lines in it


and change it to:

F10=igbigbucks (чтоб полычит деньги)


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F10=god (invulnerability)

save the file and start playing. During the game, press [F10]

to get the desired effect.

Full version of vcex cheat code:

god – invulnerability

givehealth – full update

fly – flight mode

ghost – walk through walls

walk – disable walking through walls or flying

teleport – teleport to the place where the cypcop is located

killpawns – kill in cex vpagov on a ypovne

slomo – slow motion

suicide – suicide

givebioammo – receive all paths

igbigbucks – полычить $500 денег

F10=GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ADAM – Give 9999 ADAM

Note: Codes are disabled after each mission.



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