Cheats and game Spore;Cheats and game Spore.

Cheats and game Spore.

To open the window for entering cheat codes for Spore, press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[C] while creating or editing a character.

Enter the following commands:

help — List of codes

addDNA – In Creature Creator, Cage and Creature mode, gives some DNA points (150)

levels – go to the next level

blocksmode – open advanced creature editor

evoadvantage – start a new game with an evolved creature

moreMoney – Gives a lot of money in Civilization and Space mode.

refillMotives – In Space mode, fully restores the armor and energy of the ship.

spaceCreate – In space mode, gives all terraforming tools (NOT terraindex!).

unlockSuperWeapons – Unlock all superweapons in Civilization mode.

killallhints – Removes all hints from the game

SetTime (h, m) – Sets the time of day

freeCam – Free camera mode

capturePlanetGIF – Extract GIF animation from the planet you’re on to the “AnimatedAvatars” directory.

setConsequenceTrait (trait) – Change the traits / types of creatures (cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_ag gressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed)

Additions to the secrets of Spore:

For the Cell stage: cell_carnivore (carnivore), cell_herbivore (herbivore), cell_omnivore (omnivore).

For the Creature stage: creature_aggressive (aggressiveness), creature_social (sociability), creature_mixed (mixed type).

For the “Tribe” stage: tribe_aggressive (aggressiveness), tribe_social (sociability), tribe_mixed (mixed type).

For the Civilization stage: civ_military (military), civ_economic (economics), civ_religious (religion).

For the Space stage: space_bard (bard), space_ecologist (ecologist), space_zealot (zealot), space_scientist (scientist), space_trader (merchant), space_shaman (shaman), space_warrior (warrior), space_wanderer (wanderer), space_knight (knight)




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