Characteristics of difficult people and how to cope

Humans naturally want to be close to friendly people. happy person There is a safe warmth to be near. Person who has love and best wishes to us. However, in our daily lives We have to meet people with different personalities. What type or type of people will we meet?

Let’s first look at the meaning of a person who is difficult to live with or difficult to live with. English uses the word toxic people or toxic personality. In psychology, personality is called dark triad personality

The first is narcissism . will require great respect wanting to receive special treatment from other people They think they are more important, powerful, beautiful, and more intelligent than anyone else. See yourself as unique than others Or often associated with people with power or position. wanting admiration from others want others to obey him or taking advantage of others for their own benefit

The second is the Macquivilians.  This personality type comes from hundreds of years ago an Italian diplomat, Niccolò Machiavelli, who observed that Many of the diplomats around him had this personality type. People with Macquillian personality traits tend to do things for their own benefit by taking advantage of others, for example, they may overly flatter those in authority, be insincere, make mistakes but not take responsibility and try. survive crafty If a society or an organization with good governance This type of person is difficult to live with.

Third, they are psychopaths . These types of people do not feel guilty when they do bad things to others. unsympathetic It may seem attractive at first, but when dating for a long time, it can cause pain or problems. This personality type is often found in serial killers.

From the above, it can be seen that the three types of dark personalities will make the person around them unhappy. There are also other personality traits that are difficult for normal people to interact with, such as selfishness. People who tend to dominate others do not allow others to be themselves. People who often blame other people People who are cranky, lazy, angry, bad-tempered, people who don’t do as they say. People who lie and make excuses all the time a person who disrespects others People who gossip and stab in the back A person who is arrogant or arrogant does not listen to other people’s opinions. which we cannot deny that All of us may have more or less the above traits. Sometimes we act without realizing it. At least this article may make us realize that everyone wants to be around someone who is sincere and friendly.

These traits make people around them irritable, unhappy, and can lead to lower self-esteem. So let’s see how to live with these people to be happy. Psychologists suggest that We should have boundaries or spaces or distances when interacting with people with the above characteristics. Or the English language uses the word “set boundary”, that is, when interacting with these people, try to interact less. Our posture is appropriate. when we consider his rights He must know our rights. It’s not that we have to lean towards him alone.

However, the demeanor or behavior in response to such It is something that must be learned, practiced, and is both a science and an art of living. Or if there is a distance between them and it still doesn’t improve, you have to stop contacting each other or keep in touch as little as possible.




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