Boss Fighting Tactics in Resident Evil 4

Description of the tactics of fighting bosses in the game Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 managed to ruffle the players’ nerves not with its atmosphere (which, alas, has disappeared), but with rather strong opponents and, of course, bosses. Now I will give my own plan of battle with them. I recommend using a fully upgraded assault rifle, revolver, or shotgun for boss fights.

1 Del Lago

Difficulty: Nothing special.

We will meet this offspring on the lake when we dare to swim across it in a boat. Quite a large “fish” that wants to eat us. Performs various maneuvers in the vicinity of snags, trying to turn the boat over. Also, she often tries to turn around and “grab” us. The boss is pretty easy. The main thing when fighting him is the ability to calculate the time for dodging and attacking. While the boss is swimming, we press the button and throw harpoons at the creature. If turned over – quickly press the button and swim to the boat. Sometimes the creature goes under water, and we, standing still, will have to guard it. Well, after the defeat, a small QTE-scene follows – do not miss it.

Such a water contraption will send us to the next world in a couple of seconds.

  1. El Gigante

Difficulty: So-so.

We meet in the arena. It’s not even a boss, but just a VERY strong enemy. A huge giant infected with a parasite. Attacks with hands and feet, and also tries to grab Leon, or goes to ram. The monster also does not hesitate to wield pieces of rock and trees. It is better to run around the arena in circles, but try not to lose sight of the giant. The main thing is not to move too far from him (you will run into a stone or a ram), but not too close (hitting and grabbing are also not very pleasant). In case of capture, you should quickly press the movement buttons, otherwise you will be squeezed out of all the juice. It’s better to use a shotgun. We shoot in the head until the giant kneels. Then we jump on his back and mutuzim parasite. And so several times. If at the beginning of the game you saved the dog, then the fight will be even easier.

It’s good that Rasputin from “Anastasia” did not look like this!

  1. Mendez

Difficulty : It will not be boring.

Found in an abandoned warehouse. A tall and thin old man, who we have already met before. But looks are deceiving. After Leon blows it up with a barrel, our grandfather will grow twice, release two of his tentacles and will slowly but surely wander after us. The main thing in this battle is the ability to accurately calculate the time of attack and flight. The boss fight is divided into two phases. The first one is pretty simple. After the start of the battle, we immediately take out the machine gun (if any) and shoot at the boss. As soon as he is quite close, we turn around and go up. We run around the boss and shoot at him. And so on until it breaks in two (!). Now it’s time for the second phase. Here it is better to take a shotgun. The boss moves along the beams and is quite dexterous. Just try not to get caught by him and hit accurately. The boss will fall soon.

  1. Verdugo

Difficulty: Difficult but possible.

We meet in the basement of the Deputy Salazarov. He is one of Salazar’s bodyguards. At first, he only hides on the ceiling, trying to hit us with his tail. But as soon as we turn on the electricity, the show begins. The boss is extremely angry and fast. To fight with him, you need a good reaction and accurate calculation. We run up to the balloon with nitrogen and overturn it. The boss will freeze – we beat him. It is advisable to use a shotgun (Stryker if possible). Jumping between balloons is very dangerous. The boss can jump from the ceiling right in front of you. The main thing here is the reaction. Of course, when the elevator arrives, you can simply run away from the boss. But for defeating him, you will receive a generous prize.

  1. Ramon Salazar

Difficulty: Quite difficult.

Here he is – a nasty little karaty, dug up a parasite. Meets us on the roof of the castle. There he “merges” with his “guard” inside a huge organism, and at the exit we get a huge snake-like creature with Ramon’s body at the base. It is the weak point of the monster. When fighting a boss, the main thing is a good reaction and accuracy. The creature uses tentacles, and is also not afraid to go into battle. Alas, the creature’s personal attacks are deadly, so it’s better to deal with it quickly. You can guess about the attacks of the monster by its strong “swing” of the body. We take a machine gun (preferably fully pumped) or a revolver and beat the creature in the eye. When the monster bends down, the “shell” will open, where our karatysh is located. We shoot at him. And so on until victory.

Ide guys…IDE!!!

  1. U-3

Difficulty: Difficult

Meets us in a suspended warehouse. Represents an unknown mutant, half human, half lizard and something else there. The fight with him is two phases. The first is designed for your speed, reaction and accuracy. We run around the corners of the “warehouse” and press the buttons. To open the paths, you also have to shoot. The creature will sometimes try to grab the player from the ceiling, or jump down to them on its own. There is only one way out – to beat. So you have to disconnect a couple of compartments. And that’s it! Has the creature fallen? But no. The monster survived, and a huge parasite sticks out of its back. With its help, he not only became deadlier, but also can move underground. We’ll have fun here. Shotgun or revolver in the teeth and run backwards, shooting back from the creature. When the mutant burrows, it is better not to move. We press the buttons to dodge and all over again. The fight will be long and long – be patient.

  1. Jack Crouser

Difficulty: It will be difficult

Former partner of Leon, maroon beret Jack Krauser is now on the side of evil. The first time we will meet him at the factory, where there will be a big QTE knife fight. Then we will meet him in the ruins, but more dangerous. Fight with him, as well as with others, two phases. First we need to find three plates to open the doors. Jack will actively interfere with us, making open contact with the participation of a machine gun, a knife and small controlled robots. When two plates are found, it remains to get the last one. And she’s at Krauser’s. And then there are two bad news, except that the second phase of the battle begins: the first is that Jack mined the towers, so the battle will be on time. Secondly, he “upgrades” his hand into a huge blade, so now he will go frontal. We shoot Jack in the legs, he “opens” – we hit the body. We dodge attacks – again on the attack. And so on, until Krauser dies. But it’s too early to rejoice. We need to quickly take the third plate and run to the door, otherwise it will cover us with an explosion.

  1. Saddler

Difficulty:  Hard

Lord Saddler in his true form as a giant parasite. Attacks us with legs and tentacles. To be honest, the fight with him is not that difficult. You just need to attack and retreat in time. After the start of the battle, we take a machine gun or a shotgun and beat the creatures in the eyes on their feet. Then we quickly run to the crane, wait for the moment and press – a huge load will move along Saddler. When he falls, we quickly run up and press the desired button – Leon will plant a knife in the creature right in the central eye. You can shoot at the eyes, and then attack again with a knife. There is also a second crane to move Saddler. But after a while they will throw us a bazooka. It is possible, in order not to take a steam bath, just shoot at Saddler – and the matter is over. In any case, the outcome of the battle will be the same.




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