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The RPG or role genre is one of the most entertaining in the world of video games , because it generally presents us with a huge world where we have many things to do, a lot of freedom, not only to modify our character, but also to do what that we want when we want in the world that is placed in front of us. That is why in this article we will show you RPG games without an Internet connection so that you can enjoy them anywhere.

Thanks to role-playing games we can live adventures as our favorite characters and now with mobile phones we can do it practically anywhere. Today we bring you a list of RPG games without an Internet connection. One of the most played genres among all are RPGs and the most downloaded superhero games for mobile .

Great exponents of this genre on computers and consoles, for example, is Skyrim or Diablo 3, even Fallout 4 to name just a few to give you an idea, for those who like JRPG we are also going to recommend a few of these.

10 Best Android and iOS RPG Games without Internet Connection

If we take a tour of the Google Play Store we can see that there is a wide variety of free games without Internet RPG, many of them free.

The vast majority of these games require an Internet connection while we play, but it is also possible to find interesting games that work offline because we don’t always have an Internet connection at hand. So we will recommend you the best offline RPG games for your mobile and PC.

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  1. RPG games without internet connection for mobile
    1. Minecraft Pocket Edition
    2. bad land
  2. Offline RPG games for PC
    1. skyrim
    2. Final Fantasy VI
    3. Chrono trigger

RPG games without internet connection for mobile

The great advantage of mobile is that you can play anywhere whenever you have free time. And since the RPG is a genre so loved by everyone, we will present the best ones for you to enjoy your fantasy.

Zenonia 4

A 2D role-playing game for Android with good graphics and animations that will give us hours and hours of exploring strange lands in which we’ll have to face all kinds of monsters. It is an addictive game with a very simple handling, in which we are also going to find many different missions to carry out . Do not wait any longer to become a recognized adventurer in the world.

Dungeon Explorer II

In this game we are going to find a lot of demons and other infernal creatures , but we will also have to escape from a maze with innumerable traps, each one more deadly than the last. Do you think you can escape?

Knights of Pen & Paper +1

Very similar to the classic Dungeons and Dragons, it lets us choose between wizards, knights, blacksmiths and other creatures with which we are going to have to carry out different missions. One of the great advantages of this game, in addition to being offline, is that it allows us to fully customize the gaming experience. Create your own path in these fantasy worlds and let your imagination touch the sky.

Kingturn RPG

Another good example of RPG games for Android without an Internet connection. The only problem is that you have to pay to download it, but we assure you that it is worth the expense. This game takes us to a medieval fantasy world where we can find all kinds of outlandish characters. We can also choose our character from more than 30 different classes.

It is a turn-based game that combines tactical combat with advanced conquest and also a complex skill system. Get into character and get the best strategy to win.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

It is a game that obviously you have to, even if it is to have heard, at least. Known worldwide, we find ourselves in a world completely at our disposal to create what we want and explore, thousands of things to do in, possibly one of the games that has given us the most freedom over the years. That is why Minecraft Poket Edition is one of the most downloaded in the Play Store .

Start defeating monsters and getting materials to forge your own destiny.

bad land

The game is too original, to tell the truth, recognized by many video game magazines as one of the most pleasant novelties to try in the Play Store . We cannot stop recommending it because the truth is that the game quickly becomes one of the favorites for any player. Just focus and move forward inside this mysterious world full of mysteries.

Shadow Fight 2

Basically the idea is that deadly shadows fight each other to see who is the best, leaving aside that it is a pretty well designed game with very realistic and high quality movements , the techniques used in each animation are faithful to martial arts so that the game is extremely entertaining and above all things in that sense quite realistic, fully recommended for those who want a mix RPG with martial arts a lot of action.

Offline RPG games for PC

For those lovers of PC video games due to their good gameplay, we have the best RPG games for you. So they don’t stop enjoying open worlds full of mysteries.


This is the fifth game in the The Elder Scroll saga, and despite the fact that many criticized it for having a slightly less deep plot than other games in it, the truth is that its quality is still impeccable. Awesome animations and many missions to complete . Advance in this challenging world of adventures to be the best.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is possibly the best game in the series, with a deep and magical plot. This installment of the saga managed to bring the name of Final Fantasy to quality standards that are still remembered by all today. Although its most famous and downloaded version on PC in Final Fantasy XV . Its reception by the players was tremendous, and this made it reach multiple consoles and devices. Complete the challenges and be victorious in every mission you have.

Chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger had to appear in this ranking, since it is one of the most complete RPG games in history. Both for its plot and for its graphic quality and for the development of the characters. Chrono Trigger is a game that no fan of this type of title should miss, since it is probably one of the games with the highest quality in history . Do not let time give an impediment to your goals.

You already know, some of these games have a price, but they will offer you hours of fun and entertainment that you are going to enjoy. Don’t wait any longer and start playing and creating a unique story to become a legend.




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