Best QR Code Readers to Download and Install

QR codes have become very fashionable lately and it is because through them you can give a large amount of information without taking up hardly any space.

Surely many times you have seen the already famous QR codes, which are found on all kinds of products, and even on the doors of stores or warehouses; and yet, that does not necessarily mean that you know how to treat them, especially if you have to act on them on your Android mobile.

Well, in that case we have to say then that when it comes to reading or scanning QR codes, it is perfectly possible to do it without problems with our smartphone, taking advantage of some applications.

Of course, if we talk about QR codes, we do so about the famous pixelated squares that we have seen on so many occasions, and that appear on all kinds of sites, with many interesting functions based on the information they store.

For this reason, the idea of ​​this article is none other than to teach all users how to scan QR codes quickly and safely, so that they can access their data. But as we insist, you will need an application specially developed for it.

How to Read QR Codes on Android

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  1. How can I download a free QR reader for Android step by step
    1. QR Droid Code Scanner a scanner that will help you in many cases
    2. QR and Barcode Scanner does not have those annoying ads that nobody likes

What are QR codes? What are they for and how can I use them?

A QR code (Quick Response) is nothing more than a two-dimensional barcode that, after being scanned with a camera and passing it through an application, gives us a large amount of information.

Today, QR codes are used in different products such as clothing labels, restaurant menus and in general in all those places where a system that allows providing a large amount of information taking up very little space can be useful. .

Currently, if we have an application that allows us to scan QR codes, we will have the possibility of quickly and easily accessing promotions in commercial stores, free tickets, and many others. It is often a question of links as web pages, so that when we read them we directly access that information, nothing more than that. For this reason, it is better to take advantage of the QR reader function that most smartphones have today, of course.

How can I do to read QR codes on Android? Step by Step

In order to access the information contained in the QR code, it is necessary to have an application that allows us to scan the two-dimensional barcode. One of the most used is the ShopSavvy app .

It is an application that we can download from the Google Play Store completely free of charge . It is one of the most downloaded and has an average score of 4.1 out of 5.

Once the application is installed on our mobile, when we want to read a QR code, we click on the scanner option and point our device’s camera at the code we want to read.  The application will identify the content and send us the information or redirect us to the website if it is a link.

On the other hand, we also recommend QR Code Reader, although then it depends on the experience of each user, and you can review others if it doesn’t convince you, although it is really good.

The truth is that within the Google Play Store you will find a huge number of them. In this way, we will always need to be connected to a WiFi or mobile data network because otherwise, even if we have the app, we will never reach the website that the QR code takes us to.

Once we open the app and position the camera square above the code square before us, the site in question should open almost immediately, without too much of a wait. Of course, the better the smartphone, the faster it will carry out the steps.

For the rest, we have to emphasize that this application actually works very well for what we want, so we shouldn’t have any problems, and it doesn’t have the always annoying ads.

Beyond that, it then has some additional features, to the extent that the default browser can be set to open web links, etc. The interesting thing about these apps is that most of them allow extensive configuration.

And lastly, as we know that some of these unwanted situations could exist , we must say that there are certain risks when scanning QR codes, so you better be careful about it.

Ideally, whenever you go to scan a QR code, you know where it comes from, so you don’t have to be exposing yourself to a case of attagging or the like. In any case, most of the ones you find in public places are completely harmless.

What other applications exist to read QR codes easily?


As we have already said, there are many types of applications to read QR codes, we already told you about one that is ShopSavvy, but although it is one of the most popular applications , it is not the only one. So below we will leave you a list of other applications.

Download the QR Droid application:  A basic and simple application that through a very simple interface allows us to access the content of the QR codes.

Download the QR Code Reader application:  It is possibly the easiest application that exists to read QR codes . As soon as the application is opened, the mobile camera is connected and we can now scan the code.

Download the BIDI application:  Another application that is easy to use and also very light , so it can be useful if you don’t have much space on your mobile.

Download the Neo Reader application:  This application is somewhat more complete than the previous ones, it allows us to read QR codes but also traditional barcodes by scanning them or entering the number manually. Another added advantage is that from this application you can create your own QR codes.

Have you thought about the possibility of downloading a free QR reader for Android? The truth is that although many smart mobile devices have this type of application, sometimes we also need a specific app that can give us a hand in these cases.

The truth is that we are going to show you the step by step to download a free QR reader for Android, so that you can get a free platform, and then another paid one, in order to take advantage of its functions.

As we said before, the truth is that when we think of a free QR reader for Android , you have to know that just by taking a look at the Google Play Store, you will find a huge number of interesting applications that you should take into account in these cases. .

You will see that we have highlighted two applications in particular, a more complete one that has a certain cost and a free one. The truth is that in this way, you can completely solve the problems in this regard.

How can I download a free QR reader for Android step by step

QR Droid Code Scanner a scanner that will help you in many cases

With this application you will be able to transform your smartphone into a QR reader totally free. Thanks to its functions, you will have the possibility not only to scan barcodes , but also to access data matrices that you require in these cases. You also have the chance to import, create and use other content.

If you decide to download QR Droid Code Scanner , you should know that it is a very good application, with several functions, although obviously we have to emphasize that it is not as complete as the next one that we are going to mention.

QR and Barcode Scanner does not have those annoying ads that nobody likes

Now, the truth is that we can also recommend another application in these times, one that is somewhat better but that you have to consider that it has a particular cost . The first advantage that we can mention in this regard is that it is a paid application, which does not have ads.

The truth is that you will not only be able to scan QR codes and barcodes , but we are also talking about the application that performs this type of action the fastest.

Like the previous one, this application is really easy to use, since it works in the same way as the best ones in the system, since all we have to do is point the QR or the barcode at the application’s reader, so that automatically take care of reading it.

The truth is that detection occurs in just tenths of seconds. Best of all, you don’t have to perform extra tasks, such as pressing buttons, adjusting the device’s zoom, or taking pictures.

Obviously we are talking about an application that has the functions that we can consider basic in these cases, for which you can find it interesting and also very practical.

Now if you choose to download the QR and Barcode Scanner application  you will be able to read the different barcodes with texts, URLs, ISBNs, products, calendars, location, WiFi and other content that is relevant in these cases.

Any question you want to ask us in this regard about the operation of these applications or any other free QR reader for Android; You just have to leave us a comment about it.

Have you been able to read your QR codes with this step-by-step from your mobile? Have you been able to download a free QR reader for Android with this step by step?





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