Best Nintendo Switch Emulators

The guide in which you will find all the necessary information to download and use the best Nintendo Switch emulators for Windows, Linux, Mac or Android.

The Nintendo Switch portable console has brought about a technological revolution that has become a super sales success.

At the same time, different developments have emerged to try to emulate the Nintendo Switch in different operating systems to be able to play exclusive games for this platform.

As with emulators for other platforms such as retro games or PlayStation emulators, the Nintendo Switch console also has very successful emulators.

If you want to know which are the best emulators for Nintendo Switch , how to download and configure to play without limits, keep reading our guide.

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I don’t think much explanation is needed to explain that an emulator is software that allows you to emulate a specific system on another non-compatible computer.

Within the gaming world, emulators are well known or have always been used to emulate retro games on a computer or those of other platforms which cannot be reproduced on their own.

In Windows, for example, one of the best-known and most downloaded emulators is Batocera Linux , a Linux-based distro capable of emulating games from different platforms on a computer.

It is also possible to find other types of emulators such as those that allow you to create a virtual drive in Windows to run or play files.


But let’s get to what interests us, knowing which are the best Nintendo Switch emulators to play games on Windows, Mac, Android or Linux.

It is necessary to know well the emulator for Nintendo Switch that best suits your needs and resources, since not all of them work in the same way.


It is considered the most advanced emulator for Nintendo Switch since it is one of the first to be developed and is supported by a wide community of users and developers.

It is a free and open source Nintendo Switch emulator , being responsible for the same developers of the well-known Nintendo 3DS emulator.

This is one of the Nintendo Switch emulators that has managed to emulate essential parts of the console’s hardware, yes, the requirements to be able to use it at full capacity are very broad.

Among other requirements, it is necessary to have a Nintendo Switch console vulnerable to the RCM exploit , in addition to an SD card of at least 30Gb or a USB C cable.

You can check all the requirements, as well as download all the files of this Nintendo Switch emulator on the official Yuzu website .


It is one of the Nintendo Switch emulators that is becoming more popular, especially thanks to its ease of installation and configuration.

Widely used as a free and open source Switch emulator for PC , it has been developed for Windows, MAC and Linux.

The requirements to install this Nintendo Switch emulator are much lower than those necessary for other emulators and it stands out for not needing to have a console vulnerable to xploits or the original key.

You can download and learn more about this Switch emulator on the official Ryujinx website .


It is also possible to emulate the Switch on mobile devices , as there are very good Nintendo Switch emulators for Android .

They are software that in most cases need to be installed outside of the Google Play Store, so their use must always be done knowing all the details.


It is one of the best and most popular Nintendo Switch emulators for Android that works in a very simple way.

Available for Android versions 6.0 or higher, this Switch emulator works by converting games to ROMs to run them.

Its user interface is very simple since it allows you to navigate between the folders and directories of your mobile to load the game ROMs that you previously had to download or save.

This Switch emulator for Android is a project by several developers that is encompassed under the name of Skyline and that have a page on GitHub .

If you are looking for the best Nintendo Switch emulators, these are the best developments and software you will find.




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