Best Lock Screen Apps for Android and iPhone – Customize Your Lock Screen

When analyzing which are the applications that we believe should not be missing from our Android mobile devices for different reasons, we have to talk specifically about some segments. For example, we believe that all our readers should have a screen lock application  installed on their mobiles, in order to take better advantage of that initial screen.

Best Lock Screen Apps for Android and iPhone – Customize Lock Screen

If, in addition to giving your lock screen a better image, you also want to know which is the most secure screen lock system of all for your mobile, we are going to show you some details about each of them that you should know. The first thing you have to take into account is that you like anyone you like, it is always convenient that you have an active screen lock system on your mobile.

Of course, we find at this point that there are many interesting options when it comes to lock screen applications for Android, but not all of them are as good as the ones that we will show you. In the following lines, you will discover what for us are the best screen lock applications for mobile phones, those perfect for your Home screen.

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    1. What is the best lock pattern for your Mobile?
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Screen lock options for your mobile

  • PIN: The PIN is the combination of numbers that most of our followers will probably know. Since it is one of the most common methodsthat we have at hand when it comes to improving security on Android. You have to know, in this sense, that you can complement other systems, such as sensor systems, when it comes to using the PIN. So do not rule out placing it next to fingerprints, just in case.
  • Pattern: Pattern is an Android feature that we think is one of the best to come out in recent times. The truth is that we cannot help but consider that there are many pattern combinations to take into account. The problem, as with other systems, is that we run the risk of forgettingit, and if that happens, the mobile could be completely blocked.
  • Password: The password is the oldest unlock pattern since we could see it even on mobiles that did not belong to the category of smartphones. We have to emphasize, in this regard, that although they can be very safe. It is never convenient to use names or personal datain passwords, nor the same passwords that you already use in other types of situations in your daily life.
  • Facial recognition: Facial recognition is the first screen lock systemthat we think you should take into account in this type of case. It is much less recent than many think, since it appeared with some applications. Using the front camera of the device to register our face. Despite the showiness, it is not one of the most secure screen lock methods that exist.
  • Fingerprint: Another screen lock system is the fingerprint , and it is probably the most fashionable one at the moment. Already most of the new smartphones have their own fingerprint sensors. Some place it in the back, and others in the front, which is indifferent. It is one of the safest systems that exist today.
  • Iris reader: The most recent of the screen lock systems for Androidis the one contemplated by the latest mobiles from the people of Samsung. We are obviously talking about the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. This is the iris reader or scanner, which saves us the trouble of having to use the fingerprint reader, and which again offers a very high level of security .
  • Smart Lock: The Smart Lock method landed on Android several generations ago. And since then it has established itself as one of the best alternatives in lock patternsfor the screen of our smartphones. The truth is that it is a more configurable system than others, although not for that reason more secure. Thanks to this, you can block the system automatically by location, and other issues. The operation of Smart Lock is quite simple. Taking into account that first of all we have to establish the places that we can consider safe, such as the home or the office where we work. So, the system will unlock almost automatically as soon as we get to that site. Smart Lock is therefore a much more configurable alternative than the others.

What is the best lock pattern for your Mobile?

Well, we have already analyzed practically all the options that we think you have to take into account in terms of screen lock. The truth is that we have the iris or fingerprint reader on the one hand , the Smart Lock on the other, and facial recognition in third position. All these methods are rather complementary to each other, so you can use one or several at the same time if you prefer.

Now, the problem we find when we talk about the iris scanner. It has to do directly with the fact that there are a few smartphones that have it. So we are left with the fingerprint reader, yes more common. What we recommend in these cases is that you always have the screen lock active through the fingerprint reader. One of the best alternatives in the segment.

The best lock screen apps

  • Next Locker – Next Locker is the first of the free lock screen apps that we think you should consider. Based on the security that the fact that it has been developed by Microsoftcan offer us . Beyond that, we have to add later that it is one of the best designed from an aesthetic point of view. And also, it learns from the very use we give it.
  • CM Locker: We turn to CM Locker, another of the best screen lock applications. One that in this case has been developed by Cheetah Mobile and that is one of the most advanced in terms of personalization and security. For example, if someone tries to unlock the mobile repeatedly and fails, in the case of a thief, the team will take a picture of them in order to identify them.
  • Solo Locker: Solo Locker is the third of the alternatives that we believe can be taken into account by our readers when we talk about free screen lock. One with several lock options available, to tell the truth. Regarding the screen lock, we must point out in the first instance that we can configure a lock using a PIN or pattern. And it also has several fully customizable sections.
  • Go Locker: If none of the previous screen lock applications for the phone have finished convincing you. You should not lose sight of the fact that you have the possibility of installing Go Locker. Neither more nor less than the option of the creators of Go Launcher. About this application we must point out that we can customize the lock screenwith infinite customization options and themes available.
  • Hi Locker: And we finished neither more nor less than by the hand of Hi Locker. That while he doesn’t have as much history as some of his rivals today. It is, in turn, one of the most complete, and one of the ones that has gained the most audiences recently. We can customize not only the lock message but also the clock and the way it looks. With endless options when it comes to selectingthe way to unlock your screen.

Beyond that, if you don’t even have a fingerprint reader. What we recommend in this type of situation is that you enter a PIN, pattern or password , to have more security than usual. The truth is that you should always look for combinations that are not the simplest, so that you can complicate life for potential thieves in these cases.





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