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best apps to be able to flirt non-stop

Android is the most customizable mobile operating system of all, and a good part of this versatility is due to the enormous number of applications that we can find to adapt to our needs.

And if some time ago we had pointed out the best apps to find dates or meet new people , in this case we want to give this article a twist, go a little further by showing you the best apps to be unfaithful.

Indeed, it is nothing more and nothing less than analyzing what we consider to be the best applications for cheating on Android phones, ones that will surely allow you to get away from your partner a bit. Let’s be clear, it’s not that we support cheating on your partner .

But if you plan to do it, you have to know that there are some applications that will facilitate this process and that are more than recommended for this task.

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  1. The best apps to be able to flirt non-stop
    1. Ashley Madison
    2. Tiger Text
    3. Snapchat
    4. vault
  2. Tinder and Lovo, which is better?

The best apps to be able to flirt non-stop

The apps that according to users are the most efficient have been compiled below. Since they have a large number of people browsing it, which will facilitate our goal of being able to flirt non-stop. The best apps to be unfaithful are:

Ashley Madison

If what you are looking for is to cheat on your partner, it is very possible that Ashley Madison is one of the best alternatives that you can find. In fact, this app is very famous for those who want to live extramarital experiences. It has millions of users around the world, and stands out from the others due to the level of discretion it possesses, and we can easily find it on the web or in the application store of our phone.

Tiger Text

It is probably the least famous of all the applications that we can consider when cheating on our partner from the mobile, but if what you are looking for is absolute privacy, you have to opt for it. Tiger Text informs us if the messages we have sent have been read by the other user or not, and many other functions so that we can rest assured that no one else will access it.


Although it is true that Snapchat is not in itself an application developed to cheat on couples, we cannot lose sight of the fact that it has some functions and features that are extremely useful if this is what interests us.

The fact that the content we send through Snapchat can be programmed to be deleted without the other person being able to do anything, and others, conspire in favor of those who want to cheat on their partners.


Vault is another of the applications for cheaters that we believe should be taken into account in these cases, because although it does not work to communicate with others, it will protect all the contents of the mobile , or the ones we want. Thanks to this app we can block other people’s access to content such as photos, images, videos, messages, SMS and many others.

Tinder and Lovo, which is better?

And when we talk about the most recognized in this area, we find Tinder and Lovo. These apps are mainly designed for dating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time and nothing else. But without a doubt, you want to know which of the two is better, you should see its features and try it for yourself . Since Tinder is better known, but that does not make it better.

When we refer to Tinder, it is true that we should be a little more careful because we can meet our friends, and perhaps they can tell our partner that they have seen us. It is undoubtedly an excellent application if we want to meet new people.

We must also consider that just having a coincidence in tastes opens a chat that allows us to get to know each other much better. Besides, if we wish we can create an account using our phone number or our Facebook account

For its part, one of the things to highlight about this social network to meet people called Lovo is its constant updating and incorporation of new tools to make the user experience more entertaining. Every so often they add new functions and features that make it very versatile and one of the best apps to be unfaithful.


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