best applications to make cards and congratulate the birthday

In recent weeks, we have been receiving several inquiries from many of our readers about the possibility of offering them some applications to congratulate birthdays on Android for free, and the truth is that we have finally decided to give them this type of information. To do this, we have carried out a survey of what we consider to be the best 5 applications with phrases to congratulate a birthday on Android , so if you want to entertain an acquaintance, we recommend that you continue reading about it.

The Best Applications to Make Cards and Congratulate the Birthday of your Loved Ones

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  1. The best applications to congratulate the birthday from Android
    1. Happy Birthday – Majority Apps
    2. Happy Birthday – 5Five
    3. Happy Birthday – Fonti Apps
    4. Happy Birthday – Agape Apps
    5. Happy Birthday – Revival App
  2. The best applications to generate birthday cards
    1. Birthday cards
    2. Happy Birthday Cards

The best applications to congratulate the birthday from Android

Happy Birthday – Majority Apps

Happy Birthday – Majority Apps is then the first of the applications with which you can download phrases to congratulate the birthday. In your case in particular, we have to say that it is undoubtedly one of the best birthday greeting apps for Android with images and texts, especially considering the enormous amount of content it has. And it is that it provides you with a huge number of preloaded images to congratulate that loved one.

Happy Birthday – 5Five

Another of the alternatives that we did not want to fail to mention in this field has to do specifically with  Happy Birthday – 5Five . The truth is that we are referring to an app that has an extensive list of cards and you can download congratulations phrases for your phone. In any case, all its content is perfect both for sharing via WhatsApp and for sending it to any other social network. If you want to look good with a friend, have no doubt that it is one of the best current options.

Happy Birthday – Fonti Apps

Happy Birthday – Fonti Apps is an application that quickly draws the attention of users, taking into account that it stands out from the rest because it will allow us to create our own images to congratulate that family member or close person. The truth is that once you have made your own greeting card, you will have the possibility to share the photos with your friend through WhatsApp and congratulate him, so that it will save you money and time in this type of special situation.

Happy Birthday – Agape Apps

The penultimate of the alternatives that we think you should consider in these cases has to do specifically with  Happy Birthday – Agape Applications , an application about which we are going to say first of all that will allow you to make personalized greetings and send birthday greetings by WhatsApp and Facebook, so if you want to give them a personal touch it is ideal. Beyond that, it also has images ready to be shared and used, of course.

Happy Birthday – Revival App

Happy Birthday – Revival App is the last of the applications that we can recommend if you want to send a greeting to a friend or family member. Among its features we must mention that it is a really easy-to-use application, without losing sight of the fact that it will allow you to share images with phrases in just seconds through the main social networks, or download them to store them, if so. you prefer it

Do you want to congratulate a friend or family member on their birthday in a different way? Is another year of your birthday coming up and you want to invite everyone you know for a really important celebration? Then keep reading! It is that we have some of what we consider to be the best applications to make birthday cards on Android, some of which will be extremely useful in these cases.

The best applications to generate birthday cards


Birthdays is the first of the applications to create birthday cards that we think you should take into account in these cases, since it is free, like the following two that we will show you later. It is a very complete application, which even allows us to set reminders so that we never forget the birthday of any of our acquaintances.

The app can be easily synchronized with our contact list to obtain from there all the information we may need, in addition to adding data about other people that we don’t have yet scheduled. Of course, then the app also has different customizable widgets, information about the horoscope. And to congratulate, we can send cards by SMS, social networks, and many other platforms.

Birthday cards

Let ‘s move on to Birthday Cards , the second platform to create birthday cards from your mobile, which in this case has many customizable templates that are based on previous, very interesting predefined ones. The advantage of this application over others is that it has many of the most elegant designs that we can find right now, which is always beneficial, of course.

We can download the cards from this program without problems on our Android phones and then edit them or add all kinds of filters from various applications if we prefer, in just a second. For the rest, we can also send them accompanied by all kinds of messages such as classic birthday images, in any application in social environments.

Happy Birthday Cards

And we end with Happy Birthdays Cards , which of course should also be considered in this type of circumstance, since it allows us to create our own customizable cards in each of its aspects. If you want to look good with your family, friends or couples, but add a personal touch to this type of card, have no doubt that this is an excellent option.

The operation of this application is quite simple, since all we have to do is choose one of the funds for our birthday greetings, and then think of a good phrase that we want to add to it. When the text is ready, it will be time to add all the icons, and later, we can send the congratulations through any social or message platform that we like.





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