Best Android apps to watch free live football

Are you a soccer lover? It does not surprise us, because we are talking about the most popular sport in the world, the one that has millions of followers in all parts of the planet following the alternatives of their favorite teams. And indeed, we cannot fail to emphasize that it is not always easy to follow the matches of our teams , even when there are hundreds of television channels available, there are incredible soccer videos.

It is that the blessed television rights on more than one occasion can leave us without following the matches of the competitions that we like the most, and that is why we consider it essential to always have alternatives at hand in these cases. For this reason, we want to show you a list of the best applications to watch free football on Android that we have available in these times, which should not be missing on your mobile.

However, before starting with this compilation that we have been mentioning, we think it is important that you take into account that there are peculiarities in some of the apps that we are going to review. Some of them may try to download and execute files without permission, or enter information sections of your mobile that you intend to protect. Nothing to worry about, but you should be vigilant.

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  1. Applications to watch football on Android for free
    1. Apps to watch football for free outside the Google App Store
    2. Apps to watch Barça and Real Madrid live in 2016/17

Applications to watch football on Android for free

  • RojaDirecta TV: a true classic, but the truth is that if you want to follow your favorite football matches, the first application that you should never miss is Roja Directa, one specially developed for you to find all kinds of sports content, especially soccer of course. The best thing about RojaDirecta is that it has many links that lead to web streaming of all kinds of your favorite competitions, so that if any of them fails, you can quickly get another one to replace it. Of course, it is an app that derives from the web platform of the same name.
  • Argentine Soccer HD: Argentine soccer has given us jewels that we enjoy in Spain like Messi, Higuaín, Di María or Aguero, and if we want to know them before anyone else, the best thing we can do is start following that league. For this reason, we consider an application like Fútbol Argentino HD essential on your mobile to follow the most important matches of one of the strongest leagues in the world, as always requiring only a WiFi connection for it.
  • The Football 4us Live Stream TV: although it is probably a bit difficult to remember its name, the truth is that we are in the presence of another of the apps that stands out when it comes to watching free football on Android. In his particular case, we must highlight that it offers the complete broadcast of football matches from the different strongest championships on the planet, ranging from the Champions League to the World Cup. It stands out for being one of the apps in the segment with the best visual quality.
  • Canal Plus Online: Canal Plus is one of the richest variants that exist in terms of applications to watch football live for free, since it is an app that not only has this type of content but also others. It is that if the game has finished and you want to continue entertaining, you can enjoy, for example, some of his films, series or also documentaries.
  • Football Live: Football Live is undoubtedly one of those apps that cannot be left out of mention when it comes to watching live games, one that we should highlight in the first instance because it offers us the possibility of closely following everything that happens not only with the main domestic competitions, but also, for example, with the Champions League, and some other American leagues.
  • LibreDirecto: if you have tried to watch soccer for free from your mobile at some point, you may already know about LibreDirecto, but if not, we did not want to fail to emphasize that it is an app developed by the same experts as PelisDroid, SeriesDroid and AnimeDroid, who are many one of the most outstanding in its segments. In its special case, it offers the broadcast of the main sporting events, live and direct, you can also download the videos in MP4.

Apps to watch football for free outside the Google App Store

On many occasions, if we want to watch football for free from our mobile phones, we have to resort to all kinds of applications and content to achieve the most difficult competitions, and it is likely that we will have to leave the App Store. In this type of case, then we do not want to leave aside what options have to offer us , such as Splive TV , which allows us to watch pay television channels without advertising, and on the other hand, Chromecast, which are one of the best options on the market. item.

Canal P Gold and Canal P Black are other apps that have become historic for users in this sense, since they have a really simple interface, with a list of all possible TV channels.


Apps to watch Barça and Real Madrid live in 2016/17

Then, knowing that surely many readers will want to follow all the upcoming matches of both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​we have to highlight that there are some apps specifically for them. Futbol Canal Prox is one of the alternatives that the followers of the two most important teams in Spain should not leave aside, beyond those that come from each of the clubs.

And we say this because if you are only interested in one of them, you have to know that currently, the best app out there to watch Real Madrid live today is Real Madrid Live TV & News , which broadcasts many of the club’s matches in different disciplines. Meanwhile, on the Barcelona side we have the possibility of installing the so-called Barcelona App on our Android tablet or mobile phone.

What application do you use to watch football for free from your mobil





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