Being a sensitive person, what should I do?

In fact, the problem with sensitive people is Not knowing how to keep up with our emotions and not knowing how to manage our own emotions only. Being a sensitive or overthinking person in many western societies It is often misunderstood that being a weak person or lacking mental stability and is often the target of bullying

But this is not always the case. Because in many other societies, they still see that Sensitive people have the ability to recognize and understand others well. because of such sensitivity As a result, many sensitive people tend to be quite attentive to every detail. and also have empathy for others It is considered a good thing that will make people want to approach and be friends with us. which is also considered a good thing

For people who think their vulnerability is their weakness. In this article we will talk about the sensitivity of the mind. And let’s look at how you can push past the limitations of your emotions.

Table of Contents

  • Being a sensitive person, what should I do? How to cope with your own sensitivity
  • 5 ways to deal with your own sensitivity
  • #3 Learning how to communicate firmly and clearly
  • Conclusion about dealing with your own sensitivities

Being a sensitive person, what should I do? How to cope with your own sensitivity

being too sensitive to a certain point It may lead to negative effects as well. Especially the impact on our own mental health that will worsen. And it also affects the mood. including relationships with others surrounding as well Therefore, we need to know how to control and manage our emotions. of myself, not to come back and hurt ourselves

In addition, being too sensitive Sometimes it can cause us to think and imagine ourselves or misinterpret the meaning of our interactions with people in daily life. Therefore, in order not to allow yourself to react to various events. in everyday life in ways that are too extreme Therefore, it is necessary to learn and control your own emotional sensitivity.

for example When we cry when we are feeling very happy or very sad. Causing the body to try to balance the chemicals in the brain to return to normal Therefore, crying is a process that will help to adjust the mood as well.

But our daily lives are under certain social conditions, such as adult people. Society expects people not to cry for others to see. which may conflict with the nature of people in some way makes people with sensitive emotions Often feels embarrassed to cry in front of others

If we are born with sensitivity We should also learn to accept that in ourselves. and if trained We will be able to control and deal with the emotions that arise. Then less responsive to stimuli, I will tell you 5 ways to deal with excessive sensitivity in a way that you can start practicing on your own until in case you can’t handle it yourself.

5 ways to deal with your own sensitivity

#1 Staying focused and exploring your emotions

The determination to explore one’s own emotions including various reactions will help us understand the causes or stimuli that affect their own emotional responses more And it will also help us to recognize what kind of response is appropriate or the best way.

You may want to start by recording how you are feeling in the moment. Simply identify them and don’t pause to embellish or judge those feelings as good or bad. Then bring it back to think about what caused that feeling.

for example if you are feeling some anxiety Let’s continue to think that What happened today? That may be the reason why you are feeling it happen. You may find that feeling may be caused by a small event that you can’t even expect Then you can clearly see the pattern of emotions that occur. along with the reasons that motivate us to be sensitive

So, while sometimes we may not be able to control our initial feelings, we can still control and manage our response to them.

#2 Don’t do anything yet. while still unable to manage his own emotions

When we are feeling emotionally or emotionally uncontrollable at the moment. Give yourself time to pause for a moment. Because emotions can interfere with perception and response to various situations. that can happen Therefore, taking action While we are still unable to manage or control our own emotions. May lead to doing things that we later regret. Therefore, we should wait until we can calm down first.

It may be used to ask yourself to remind yourself. With questions like “If we do this thing What will be the consequences?” Think about the possible outcomes. Then come to think again whether we should do it or not.

for example You may have recently had an argument with your best friend or partner. and with extreme anger or regret To the extent that I felt that I wanted to stop dating altogether.

But you should give yourself some time to feel yourself first. and remind yourself by asking yourself “If I really break up with him. What will happen?” The other person may feel a lot of pain and regret. and when the mood has cooled down We might just realize that we honestly don’t want it to end up like this at all. but has accidentally done something that cannot be undone And your friend or loved one may not wait to hear your apology. Do you really want it to be like this? Of course not.

#3 Learning how to communicate firmly and clearly

Failure to clearly communicate your feelings or needs to others It is one of the reasons why people are too sensitive as well. Even if we neglect to communicate too much. It will cause us to have problems with refusal later. which learning how to communicate firmly It allows us to firmly communicate our feelings and needs to others. And may result in being accepted and appreciated as well

for example Asking for validation Especially in emotional conversations. This is a question to make yourself clear and accurate. This will help prevent concerns about what the other party wants to communicate whether it matches what we understand or not. And it also makes clear information that can be used to reject later as well.

When communicating there may be arguments about who is at fault in a given situation, which can cause us to feel emotionally aroused and even angry. In general, nothing is right or wrong. Different people have different experiences.

Therefore, we should change the way we communicate. It should be said that he felt differently. And try to show understanding of the feelings of the opponent as well. in order to be open to listening to his experiences It’s better than arguing with each other believing that your own ideas are the best on one side. which further arouses conflicting emotions and later becomes a problem.

#4 Practicing mindfulness meditation regularly

mindfulness meditation It is a meditation that focuses on recognizing and accepting your emotions in the present moment. and not judging it as good or bad This can help us deal with patterns of emotional response. It can also help modify the brain’s response to stimuli that cause stress as well. This is very helpful in overcoming emotional overwhelm.

The important thing is that it is a way that you can learn and practice by yourself. Do this in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. sit up straight If you sit with your back bent, it will be difficult to breathe. Then start focusing on your breath. And feel the feeling that arises when the chest and abdomen rise and fall with the rhythm or the sound of breathing

Later, start shifting to focus on other senses, such as perceived smell. sound heard and physical contact It will make it easier for us to continue to meditate. This is different from perception through the visual senses that affect concentration more easily than other senses, and if you feel that you are being distracted. Try to bring the focus back to the breath.

The recommended time to meditate is right after we wake up in the morning. Because this is when the brain is fully rested, take 5-15 minutes to meditate to adjust the mood. to be ready to start a new day each day

#5 Seeking Professional Help In case you can’t handle it yourself

Nowadays, there are still many people who have the mistaken belief that We should be able to tolerate our emotions and use the strength to cope on our own. which may have a serious negative effect on oneself Many times we try to cope with our own emotional vulnerabilities. But I still feel that it is too heavy to handle sometimes. and some serious abnormalities was unable to manage by himself

Therefore, it is important to seek direct help from a certified mental health professional. It is the safest and best solution. which will help to know that What thoughts or behaviors do we have that negatively affect ourselves? and will receive accurate advice They may be taught certain skills. in order to deal with various feelings more appropriately by going to a counselor It’s not an indication of your own weakness. It means that we know how to take care of ourselves separately.

access to services from a therapist psychologist or counselor You don’t need to be mentally ill or have experienced a bad event in the past. People were able to receive counseling. or receive treatment They will be able to assess the level of severity. If it is necessary to refer for further treatment by a specialist or must be directly under the supervision of a physician

Conclusion about dealing with your own sensitivities

For anyone who says they are is a sensitive person and there are often problems I recommend trying to bring 5 methods to cope with this and apply it. You will definitely be able to control your emotions and manage your sensitivities better. And most importantly, I want you to realize that being sensitive is not always a bad thing. It depends on us having to understand and accept to live with it separately. Then we will have good mental health and be able to live happily with people in society.





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