AVOID Mistaking Person When Sending A Photo By WhatsApp

With more than 1 billion daily active users , WhatsApp is the most used messaging client on the planet. This entails a great responsibility on the part of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, since they continually add new options to improve the user experience and not be left behind by Telegram, Line or the like. That is why one of the most recent features is that now the app allows us to avoid making the wrong person when sending a photo via WhatsApp , how does it work? Today we will see it on the Green Android .

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Wrong Person In WhatsApp The Big Problem

And is that who has not happened that when sharing a video or an image from the gallery of our Smartphone, has sent said photo or video to a wrong contact? . The truth is that it is undoubtedly a very tricky situation depending on the photo we send and the person to whom we have sent it by mistake.

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WhatsApp Now Helps You Avoid Mistakes When Sending Photos To Your Contacts

Now making the wrong person when sending a photo or video via WhatsApp will be more complicated since it is the same app that will help us prevent this from happening.

How to avoid making the wrong person when sending a photo on WhatsApp 2022

From now on, every time you send a multimedia file to someone through the application, look at the bottom left before sending said document , since it is in this section that the name of the contact to whom you will send said multimedia file appears. .

It may seem simple, but this simple and discreet detail will avoid unpleasant situations when the conversation is wrong on WhatsApp .

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