All endings in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Description of how to unlock all ending options in cyberpunk action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution

There are four endings in Deus Ex: Human Revolution , but three of them will become available only after performing certain actions. First of all, in a conversation with Hugh Darrow at the Panheya station, you must convince him to give access codes. The easiest way to pump social skills and use pheromones. If you don’t have Praxis packages left, you will have to persuade Hugh on your own. It’s better not to try to appeal to him with calls to help – more often choose the replica “assume the unsaid” and cool the opponent’s ardor with criticism.

The next step is to find William Taggart and David Sharif at the Panheya station.

First, Taggart will contact you: he and his colleagues hid in the server room and are waiting for help. Looking at the map of the upper level, you will see a long corridor on the left side of it, in which William is hiding. Turn off the camera on the way to the distressed members of the “Front of Humanity” with a shocker pistol, another option is to use invisibility. Fans of aggressive passage can turn right and deal with a crowd of distraught people with implants. There are three ways to get directly into the server room: jump over the generator, break the wall or pick the lock. Next, you need to talk with Taggart.

After the conversation, return to the main task and wait for Sharif to get in touch. Finding David’s hideout is pretty easy too. On the map of the second floor, two elevators are marked: one leads to the core of Chiron, and the second will take the hero straight to the engine room. Go there. Along the way, you will encounter crazed station workers who can be killed or carefully avoided by hiding behind cover. When Sharif is saved, talk to him, go back and go to Chiron’s core. Once the final boss is defeated, you will be prompted to choose one of four endings.



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