9 types of people who should have clear braces without distracting iron

Clear orthodontics (Clear Aligners) is the use of a computer program. This will show us in 3D or 5D, which will be the design of the braces for each individual. In order for this clear braces to exert pressure and push the teeth to move to the position that the doctor wants.

This tool will fit your teeth perfectly, beautifully, you can hardly see that you have braces. and effectively align teeth The important thing is that it is a form of orthodontic treatment that meets the needs of a variety of people. And if you are already thinking about getting braces Let’s see if clear braces are right for you or not.

Note: This article is sponsored by  Zenyum (Zen-Yum)  , a leading clear orthodontic equipment brand from Singapore. I would like to thank the brand for giving me the opportunity to share such good knowledge with everyone.

9 types of people who should have clear braces without distracting iron

#1 Get clear teeth, suitable for people who don’t have time.

Length of time for clear braces will vary from person to person Is a person who has a lot of problems will have to spend a lot of time on orthodontic treatment But if you’re lucky, there’s only a small problem. You will not waste time on braces for a long time.

The duration of clear braces for each person will take different time as follows.

Orthodontic treatment that takes 3-4 months
is suitable for: people who have few problems Just having overlapping or slightly crooked teeth
Need to see the doctor about : 2-3 times

Orthodontic treatment that takes 6-7 months
is suitable for : people who have more teeth problems is having an abnormal alignment of overlapping teeth
Need to see the doctor approximately : 3 times

Orthodontic treatment that takes 1-4 years depending on the case.
Suitable for : people who have a lot of problems. Complicated heavily stacked teeth
Must see a doctor approximately : In this case, it depends on the doctor’s appointment. which you will probably have to see the doctor often especially

Even if you feel that clear orthodontics have to be worn for years Looks like it took quite a bit of time. But when compared to braces with metal braces That may take more than 4 years, clear braces are more effective. Because the transparent model will result in the movement of the teeth to the planned position systematically.

In the early stages, clear braces must be changed every 2 weeks because of the working principle of clear braces. That is, there will be a gradual movement or change of the teeth. Therefore, it is always necessary to change the tools or new transparent crowns. But you won’t need to visit the doctor as often, as a kit will be available for you to take home. and change according to the period your doctor recommends

#2 Clear braces are suitable for those who love beauty.

If you’re an adult, you probably don’t want to smile like a kid and show off your steel teeth, right? It can also help enhance your personality. because the material used is a special type of plastic that can hardly be seen Fits into the shape of our teeth Until I can’t see that I have braces. Therefore, when the teeth are in place, everyone will be surprised at what you did to get such a mesmerizing smile.

However, as a clear orthodontic tool If you accidentally drink tea, coffee or cocoa frequently without taking off the tools It will make the tool suck the color of these drinks. and make your teeth look ugly yellow

And if talking about love, beauty, love We also have to talk about photography. which if you use old braces Your smile probably looks weird right? In this regard, using clear braces will make your smile look much better in photos.

#3 Clear braces suitable for people who love to eat

Of course having braces in your mouth. Probably makes many people feel the touch, smell and taste of steel. Until some people feel that the taste of food has changed. makes eating anything tasteless but clear braces You can just take it off and enjoy the full flavor of the food.

#4 Clear braces are suitable for people who are afraid of pain.

Clear braces are definitely less painful than metal braces. or can be said that almost no pain at all Because the doctor doesn’t have to remove the braces. But the process of making dental implant materials at first will take a bit of time to wait. All that’s left for you to do is put on your clear braces as usual. And if talking about pain We must not forget the time when braces are attached to the cheeks. which is also an annoying problem for many people

#5 You don’t like awkwardness.

Clear braces must be worn at least 22 hours a day. But you can remove it yourself. When you eat, you can take it off. Therefore, there is no problem with food scraps stuck between the braces. Including brushing or even kissing a girlfriend You can remove it immediately. So you don’t feel uncomfortable all the time.

In addition, because of clear braces without braces So you don’t feel tightness because of the rubber band. It also makes the teeth move as fast as normal.

On the contrary, with this clear braces Can be removed by yourself at any time So it’s not suitable for people who don’t have discipline. which will make the result not as good as it should be

#6 You have problems with chewing food and speaking.

If you have problems, such as saying some words unclearly difficulty chewing food If it is caused by the abnormal position of the jaw and teeth Clear braces can help. because the material used is lightweight The joints connecting the jaws do not have to bear too much weight. And in the long term, it will help strengthen the chewing of food. and speaking better

Ideal for people who have to work and talk a lot. whether it is a student who has to speak in front of the class Working people who have to meet customers or company employees who have to present their work often.

#7 You had braces before but the results were not satisfactory.

Even if you’ve had braces before with irons. and was not impressed with the results obtained Because you may not wear a retainer (Retainer) regularly, causing your teeth to fall. or go back to the same game again But you can change to clear braces straight away.

especially if you are already old Clear braces are more suitable for you. Because it can be done well for both teenagers and adults who have fully erupted molars.

In addition, braces often do not solve all abnormal tooth formations. But clear braces will give you a bright smile. Even if you have these dental problems

  • The upper teeth are protruding until they look like glass faces. or look like a hoe
  • Protruding lower teeth, fuzzy appearance or crowning the upper teeth
  • Spaced teeth caused by missing teeth or there is a gap between the teeth since birth And if you leave the tooth too long, there is a risk of causing the side teeth to tilt more toward the gap.
  • crowded teeth, or teeth that have grown so much that they crowd and overlap
  • Misaligned teeth are the misalignment of the centers of the teeth. causing problems when chewing food
  • An open bite is when the teeth are clenched and there is a gap in the upper and lower teeth that does not look beautiful.
  • Straddling teeth are a condition in which the upper teeth do not fit together with the lower teeth. The tooth pattern is like crossing back and forth. makes chewing food unbalanced and no matter how I eat it, I don’t feel like my mouth is full

#8 You are especially concerned about safety.

During the first 2-3 days of clear braces May make you feel a little irritated. which is normal

But after that, clear braces will not cause irritation to oral tissues. because it does not cause injury when wearing like wearing iron

Clear braces also improve gum health. compared to steel braces because it is transparent when removable It will make it easier to brush your teeth. It penetrates deep into every nook and cranny, reducing tooth decay, bad breath and gingivitis problems. Clear braces can also be flossed as normal.

In addition, clear orthodontics in this Covid era Also, you don’t have to risk going through germs to see a doctor every month. Makes you have beautiful teeth, plus you don’t have to be afraid of contracting the disease.

#9 You worry about expenses.

At present, the cost of clear braces does not escape from conventional or wearing a lot of steel. Especially for people who don’t have a lot of teeth problems. Clear braces using general brands of Clear Aligners is sufficient.

for example Clear braces with the Zenyum brand have an initial cost of only 49,000 baht. So why don’t you choose a newer, better technology for braces?

Of course, with this price, another thing we have to pay attention to is the ‘quality’ and ‘comfort’ as well, which for the Zenyum brand itself is very reliable. Because it is a good quality brand from abroad, Zenym provides orthodontic services through an application and has a customer base of more than 10,000 people.

Speaking of convenience, Zenyum’s app can remind you when you need to change your braces, and even has a chat system that lets you talk to your doctor over and over again. Add to that Zenyum has business partners. (Partnership) with many leading clinics in Thailand, it is considered that this price. ‘Value for money’

read here You probably already know which ones you fall into. and if you have a plan to braces Clear braces should be another option that you should not overlook. so that you have a bright smile and more confident in your own way

Clear orthodontics with Zenyum has an affordable price of only 49,000 baht. Zenyum offers unlimited number of devices. Even if you need more equipment, they all cost the same. So you don’t have to worry about how difficult it is for your teeth to be straightened. The introductory price is the same for everyone. Just use the discount code ZYTIGER in this link.





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