9 Benefits of Listening You Should Know

What are the benefits of listening? 9 benefits you should know

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Listening is a skill we have been instilled in since childhood. When compared to the four main communication skills (listening, speaking, writing, reading), we can see that people who listen well tend to be successful people. In this article, I will introduce 9 benefits of listening that you should know.

9 Benefits of Listening You Should Know

1. Listening improves speaking skills.

Many people are good listeners. And if you notice, he’s also a good talker. because it cannot be denied that if you listen carefully be a good listener You will also learn how to speak, language, grammar and the order of speaking from others.

With the fact that speaking skills are not the abilities that everyone has with them. But listening, we can do it for everyone. Therefore, it can be said that listening is the basic skill of speaking. If you have good listening skills, it will improve your speaking skills, including reading, writing, and communicating.

2. Listening is an opportunity to know.

Listening is to remain silent and passive. But what’s difficult for many people is probably being open-minded and indifferent to what others have to say.

But if you can stay indifferent and open up to others. What you get is the opportunity to learn something new, perhaps something we already know but have heard of it in a different light. Or it might be something we didn’t even know before. Therefore, think of listening as a passive opportunity but getting knowledge for free.

3. Listening can bring pleasure

Of course, a busy life is filled with heavy loads all day long. We wouldn’t want to communicate with people all the time. Therefore, when having the opportunity to be a listener You should keep about it as much as possible.

Because listening multiple times can provide the listener with pleasure if what you are listening to is something that entertain

Listening can even be more enjoyable than speaking. Because if you hear positive things, it might be a good day for you all day. Or it may change your life altogether.

4. Listening helps change thoughts, attitudes, understandings.

Many people may think that when we grow up, many ideas, attitudes, or understandings may be difficult to change. But listening can make you open up or change your mind from many beliefs that have been ingrained for a long time. old idea set

The change in views, thoughts or attitudes will be very beneficial to you. If you want to be a person who is always improving yourself All of which can be changed by listening. Because knowledge, ideas, new hearts are attached to the society that is waiting for you to listen.

5. Listening helps with judgment.

In addition to knowledge, understanding is also important to life. So it’s very necessary. that we will live with judgment which if you are someone who is open-minded and listens to a lot of stories Understanding or believing in your stories will also have higher skills.

Listening will help you with your judgment because it teaches you to receive a variety of messages. But listening a lot builds skills that allow you to filter through news rather than just receive it. So it can be said that judgment comes with being a good listener.

6. Listening makes us witty.

Of course, agility wasn’t something anyone could have thought of. But it’s something that can be practiced, starting simply by listening. Because if we listen to a lot of things, it’s equal that we have a warehouse of knowledge. or knowledge around a lot as well

Which is witty in life needs these things. So we can survive in a society where everyone has to compete with each other. For example, if you go to a job interview and you get asked about the current news. Which, if you can answer, you can prove your knowledge around them. And of course, it’s a good quality of job applicants.

This is what we call wit. which comes from the knowledge that arises from listening to the surrounding itself

7. Listening takes us out of the box.

I believe that we are raised. and live with a frame And we will keep changing that frame according to life experiences.

Listening is an important experience that allows us to break out of the original framework that we used to live in. Including having the opportunity to look for new frameworks that are bigger, wider, more progressive

In any case, the original framework mentioned above may not be a bad thing. It’s just that listening to new things and having an open mind to it. It gives us the opportunity to develop ourselves. and grow up with the world to catch up

8. Listening helps us to have a good personality.

A good personality is more than an action. But it’s a habit that sticks with us. Whoever looks in see ourselves from those personalities Many people yearn for a good personality. But few people start with the simplest thing: listening.

by being a good listener Including being an open-minded person who always listens. They have a personality that seems open minded, reliable, indirect, and most importantly, pleasant to talk to. So if you are thinking about improving your personality. Listening is very beneficial to your personality.

9. Listening is the spark of ideas.

Many people who are thinkers, builders They are all good listeners. because as I have said a lot in his side is that listening always makes us know what message Therefore, people who want to find ideas Or want to spark something new, inactivity is probably not the answer.

It must be said that listening is the core of true creativity. Because in order to come up with something we need a lot of experience, knowledge and inspiration. All of that can happen only when we choose to “listen” it.





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