8 ways to find purpose in life

8 ways to find purpose in life (for the lost)

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We don’t have a formula for success in life. We can’t tell you how to live a successful life. On the other hand, we can’t imitate anyone’s life. we are individual What we have to do in life is to find our own “goal”.

but the difficult thing is What is the so-called “goal” and what is it “right” for us? It’s a strange thing. It’s easy, it’s easy Whether it’s difficult or difficult Today I have a small tip that will help you find the answers in life. find a purpose in life At least it is an important helper that will help you find goals, more or less.

8 ways to find purpose in life

#1 Answer yourself two questions .

Someone once said We are all born with a purpose or a goal. What we have to do in our whole life is Find that goal Two questions to help you find the answer to this.

  1. What do you love doing? Many things start with love. If we use love to drive That would work out well.
  2. What is something that you can keep doing even if you do it all your life? Tolerating things that don’t make you happy That makes your vitality disappear. On the other hand, doing something you love might be tiring. But in the end when you’re still happy It will help fill and reduce that fatigue

#2 To the world, what are you?

First you ask yourself what in the world you are, you may answer that you are “happiness” and “hope”.

Next, once you know that you are “happiness” and “hope,” continue to find out what you would be in a world that delivers these things. For example, you would be a “storyteller” and “activist.”

You might be a storyteller about environmental campaigns. The importance of caring for the world This will bring happiness to people. and give hope to the world as well

#3 Bringing “Goals in Life” to the Real World

Bringing the target out into the world The easiest is to write Writing besides makes this clear. It’s not just an idea that floats in your head. It also gives the goal a more concrete structure.

Write about how the world will be a better place if you pursue your goals. Who will it be useful to? and create value for this world Once you answer these important questions, Your goals will become much clearer.

#4 Follow your heart

This sentence is a sentence that we often hear. especially in this era But I think it’s still true in any era.

They say that the sound of the heart is like a GPS. If you follow the sound of the heart It’s easy for you to reach your destination.

There is a saying that “Emotions are spinning in our world.” No matter what, “emotions” will always win over “reasons.” But the emotion I want you to use is “rational, deliberate emotions.”

If we combine these two I think this will have great power, and this is the voice of your heart.

#5 Be clear on your goals

being clear about goals is to see that clearly have the mind set on that

The important thing is to ask questions. In what way do you want to be happy? How are your relationships with those around you? what kind of work do you want to do The clearer the answer to these questions, the better. The clearer you are in your goals.

if i suggest Having only one or two goals in each area will keep us focused and be clearer in their own goals than having a lot

#6 What makes you happy in life?

Another technique that allows you to find your goals in life. Try writing about what makes you happy.

For example, when going to volunteer camp activities Helping to teach siblings or friends Or it could be a small activity like telling friends a funny story while traveling.

Then take a deeper look. volunteer activities It’s about sharing happiness and passing on inspiration. or even telling jokes It is a sharing of positive energy with those around you. These can lead to finding your purpose in life.

#7 Things that are good + things that fulfill = goals

There is a medical student’s story about a skilled heart who is dying. The doctor who taught him tried to remind him of three moments that filled him with happiness.

The first moment he recalled the time he spent with his grandfather when he was still in his hometown.
The second period was when he played. and be happy with grandchildren
The third period was when he took a rest. happy sailing on the lake

what he did next is to open a non-profit clinic to support and encourage families whose adult relatives undergo heart surgery. (which is dangerous can be fatal)

#8 Start living according to the life goals you set.

Once you have a clear view of the goal The next step is to live in accordance with that goal.

May start by adding a schedule of some important activities. and reduce some that are irrelevant

The important thing is your soul Some of these things are tiring. But if it fills your soul I think it’s good that we spend both time. and other resources on it

Recommendations Don’t be in a hurry. Doing it little by little It’s not that it’s a bad thing. Don’t forget that good things are valuable. It takes a long time to see results.

Besides this, it will stay with us. and stay with this world for a long time





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