8 Symptoms of a Loveless Person

Why do people fall in love?” The answer is probably as difficult as asking “Why do we fall in love?” since love is an abstract subject. But love is a feeling that is expressed. allowing us to observe that Now, what state of love remains from the behavior or symptoms that couples express to each other?

When first love He showed us how much he loved us. love blossom full of pink filter But everything is always changing. including what our lover shows What kind of symptoms? That indicates that this is a symptom of a person who is out of love. that we can use to observe ourselves and those around us

8 Symptoms of a Loveless Person (that we must hurry to notice)

1. Indifferent to the suffering or happiness of the other person.

When our loved ones are happy, we are also happy. When he is suffering, we will also be anxious and troubled. The other person’s feelings affect how we feel. Even small things like my boyfriend didn’t have breakfast to go to work. You will be worried that he will have a stomach ache? When a girlfriend has a problem causing suffering You will suffer too.

You feel that your partner’s problems are the same as yours. But when do you feel uneasy about the suffering of your loved one? Or do not know the joy of seeing loved ones happy this indifferent feeling Does that mean your feelings are no longer connected to the feelings of the other person? You may have run out of love.

2. If you don’t want to meet or not, that’s okay.

Have you often met your lover lately? It’s a rendezvous that’s triggered by feelings of longing or because you’re in a relationship, which is why you meet your partner. When you fall in love, brain chemicals are released. which these substances are no different from drugs It will always make you miss and feel longing for your partner. You can’t find a reason for this feeling other than ‘love’.

If during this period you do not want to meet a lover or not found, it’s okay If you think that taking a day off from busy work is causing you a headache, you don’t want to sacrifice time for your loved one. While in the past, meeting a loved one was considered a recharge from the tiring things you encountered. Such a change indicates that your feelings have changed. To be clear, you may be meeting your lover. If you still love her, your brain chemicals will release dopamine. Makes you feel satisfied with the time spent together.

3. Don’t want to know or share stories

Where is? Doing what? Have you eaten rice? Are you awake yet? It’s a question that doesn’t seem profound. But instead, it’s a classic conversation that most couples talk about from the beginning of flirting until they decide to be in a relationship. Are you still interested in knowing these stories or are you willing to reply to the same messages over and over again like when you were flirting with each other?

When you are interested in or in love with someone, you want to know their story and want to share your story with the other person. There are both nonsense serious matter Although living each day as usual, there are many stories to share. If you don’t want to know these stories or are tired of answering these questions. This is another symptom that indicates the symptom of falling out of love that you can use to observe yourself and those around you.

4. Boredom

No feelings for the suffering or happiness of loved ones. If you don’t want to meet or not, it’s okay. do not want to share or know the story of the other person These signs are signs that you’re fed up with the relationship. You are fed up with lover stories. Tired of having to answer the same questions over and over again every day?

You don’t care that not talking to each other or seeing each other will cause the relationship to become distant. And if you don’t care what direction your relationship with your lover will go in the end. Whether you’re fed up with your partner or fed up with relationships. Boredom can eventually lead to the end of a relationship.

5. You can quarrel about everything.

Has there ever been an argument that made you wonder if “Why are we arguing about this? In the past, this matter was never a problem until we quarreled at all.” When people start to get tired of each other. Things that used to be accepted Something that always lets go or even something that shouldn’t be a problem Everything can create conflicts for you and your lover.

The normal behavior of lovers suddenly It creates frustration for you. His little mistakes that you’ve always let go of turn into stories that cause more heated arguments. If you often argue about these things You should be able to question your relationship and your feelings. Is your love for each other still the same?

6. Imagine a future without another person in it.

Tomorrow, this weekend, next month, next year, next 2 years, in a moment filled with love. You will think about your future with your partner in mind. whether short-term or long-term May have small plans such as going to eat, watching movies, traveling to other provinces Or maybe it’s a plan that needs to be planned and thought out carefully, such as buying a house, buying a car, Continuing to study, when you imagine how your life will change in the future. The picture you see will include your lover.

If your imagination or your plans in the future start to have no lover in it. You may just forget about But this is a big enough sign that you’re not interested or have started to fall out of love with the other person. You start to see only yourself Lovers play almost no role in life. wills and any decision you make

7. There are more secrets and pretenses.

because they are bored and do not want the other person to play a role in their lives as usual As a result, you have to hide something from your lover. You start to lie to your partner often. You have many excuses for your change. Excuses that you’re slow to respond to messages An excuse for not meeting the other person on vacation. When the other party urges for answers It might end up in a fight. until you feel Don’t talk to me like this. Don’t meet if you end up in this situation.

8. You fall in love with someone else.

When you fall in love with someone else Your lover will be your lover just status. Because you probably don’t love him anymore. You are insensitive to the other person’s unhappiness because your feelings are connected to the other person. You don’t want to see him because you have another person you want to see more. You’re bored and don’t want to know or share any of your stories with your partner because you already have someone to talk to. You reduce the role of a lover You have lots of secrets and excuses to keep your partner from knowing that you’re in love with someone other than them.

I don’t mean that the aforementioned falling out of love means that you fell in love with someone else. It means when you fall in love with someone while staying in love with another person. You will exhibit almost all of the above symptoms. because you are out of love with the other person

In a relationship, falling out of love can be scary. But deceiving the other person that you love them can also be a bad thing. But the worst thing would be loving another person while being in a relationship with another person, known as infidelity. A relationship that ends because of lovelessness is tragic, but I think it’s more understandable and acceptable than ending a relationship because of infidelity.





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