7 tricks to keep you sane at all times

what is consciousness Why is it important to try to stay conscious all the time? “Mindfulness” is being aware, being able to think, being able to think. Or that it’s inconsequential.

As for the “ importance of mindfulness ” , it is to be used as a reminder. We will not easily be shaken by emotions. It is called sati that stops us from strong emotions. or stop us from being unrestrained And it makes us more reasonable in our decisions. not easily influenced Have time to think before making an unhealthy decision. Mindfulness can also reduce stress. and anxiety Makes sleeping better as well

Coming to the most important part that I want to say, which is “7 techniques that will help you stay conscious all the time” How difficult will it be? Let’s look at the first technique.

7 tricks to keep you sane at all times

Technique 1: Awaken consciousness by using notification sounds.

use of sound whether it is a notification sound from the phone Or is it an alarm clock? Try setting a time period so that those sounds occur consistently, for example, setting the alarm to sound every 45 minutes. Stop doing the activity you are currently doing, count to four in your mind and then resume the activity you were doing. This will often help to summon your sanity, keeping you conscious all the time.

Technique 2: Start your day with meditation.

Admittedly, meditation is a popular practice of mindfulness all over the world. If you still don’t believe, you have to try to watch the “day in the lift…” of famous YouTubers. which is not Thai Or foreigners often have to meditate to start their morning routine as well. It shows that meditating to bring consciousness, it works very well.

The method is not difficult. In a day, try to find at least 5 minutes of free time to be able to meditate while playing music that makes you feel comfortable. This is like resetting the mess that’s in our heads. It brings your sanity back into place. Makes you able to focus more on your work. Efficiency in work here is not to mention. It’s definitely going to erupt.

Technique 3 Create an environment without distractions.

The environment is also important to keep you focused. and be more conscious In case you can still manage the environment. Try to put yourself in a place where there are no distractions.

Or at least when doing something that requires consciousness and high concentration, such as a work presentation, whether at work or working from home, turn off notifications. from the phone then go and read those notifications When you’ve done what you set out to do.

Doing so will keep you conscious of the important things you are doing at all times. and concentrate on it and fully concentrate on it without having to worry about anything interfering

Technique 4: Focusing on the task alone will make you more mindful.

This may not be liked by people who like multitasking. at the same time Because it gives the impression that you are capable. but in fact According to research from Stanford University, it was found that that we do many at the same time In fact, it’s less beneficial than doing it individually.

And there is also a study from the University of Hampton found that Multitasking will induce negative emotions. like stress comes to you from these research It has already been pointed out that we work together one by one for higher benefits. Able to fully focus on work, concentrate and concentrate on that task alone. Guaranteed performance must be much better.

Technique 5: Invoke mindfulness by writing

This section is a popular technique at the educational level. But I want to say that it’s a technique that works for all of us when you’re confused, baffled, and feel like you can’t think of anything. Try writing down what’s in your head first. This will bring your sanity back. bring you back to the present That’s when the confusion disappears. And you will know what to do next.

Technique 6: Invoke consciousness from cessation of contemplation.

This point is considered an important part in summoning mindfulness. When our emotions are far away thinking differently are going to flow according to the mood think it’s right but still full of confusion and different feelings anything that pops up

At this point, I would like you to try to stop everything first, start counting from 1-10 in your mind and then slowly think, slowly reflecting on what is happening. Calm yourself down a bit. then move on That’s better than going through it when your emotions are leading everything. And besides, if you do this every time you start to lose consciousness It will help bring your sanity back at any time.

Technique 7: Invoke consciousness from prioritization.

This is a technique that can be called today. for maintaining your sanity tomorrow What about when you plan activities? You can still see an overview of it. and can prioritize by using careful thought When tomorrow comes, you can start doing your planned activities. By arranging the most important essays immediately with consciousness without hesitation.

And here are 7 techniques that will help you stay conscious at all times. not difficult not easy because it all depends on us Let’s try to apply it. Everyone has their own suitable way. You may not be following this exactly, let’s just say adjust it as you feel comfortable with. and think that it actually works.





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