7 gift ideas for Kindle owners

Holidays are always around the corner. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or simply an anniversary to celebrate, if you have a friend, relative or reading partner equipped with a Kindle ebook reader , this guide will surely be able to help you choose a nice themed gift .

By now we see more and more people reading from an ebook reader . At home, at the bar, on the train, the ereader is the trusted companion of many avid readers , who use every free minute to have the joy of reading a good book . Although the paper format of books is still highly appreciated, a standard book is certainly not as comfortable as an ebook reader: it always needs to be illuminated in order to be read, it is not waterproof, it can be small and light as well as thick andheavy, but above all it is only a book, once read it must be taken another. The ereaders, always small, light and equipped with a memory in which it is possible to load thousands of different books , make up for practically all these shortcomings, with all due respect to the scent of ink and the pleasure of leafing through a page, and the leader in this sector is certainly Amazon with its Kindles. So let’s go and see some gift ideas dedicated to Kindle owners (but obviously it also applies to those who haveereaders Kobo, Tolino, or any other brand).

Content index

  1. Cover original
  2. Tablet holder pillow
  3. Luce clip
  4. Screen protector film
  5. A good book
  6. Amazon Gift Card
  7. …A new Ebook Reader!

Cover original

cover is certainly the most appropriate gift and with which you can be safer , especially if the person who is to receive the gift does not already have one. We recommend the original Amazon case for various reasons of product quality , but in case you want to spend a little less there are many others !

In the following boxes you will find all the original covers available for all Amazon ereader models.



Fabric Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | Compatible with 11th generation devices (2021 model), Black

su Amazon





ACcolor New Kindle Oasis 2019,

su Amazon


Tablet holder pillow

When you stay at home laziness reigns, so let’s indulge it! With this tablet holder , there’s no need to even hold the ereader, and if the recipient of your gift uses eyeglasses , there’s even a dedicated pocket for them. Check mate!



Book Buddha Stand for iPad | Tablet Support | Bookend | Reading Pillow | Reading in Bed at Home | Tablet Holder Cushion on Legs | Fun and Original Gift Idea for Readers

su Amazon


Luce clip

Not all ebook readers have backlights, especially older ones . With this clip light you will surely solve this important shortcoming. The model we are proposing is particularly interesting because it has a very clean design, but above all you can adjust the temperature of the light, from warmer to cooler, like in the most recent ereaders!



TEAMPD Reading Light, USB Rechargeable Reading Lamp, 9 LEDs 3 Modes with Clip Light for Reading Books in Bed, 360°Flexible Neck Reading Light for Book,Kindle,Laptop,Travel,Emergency

su Amazon


Screen protector film

A certainly very useful addition to an ebook reader is a screen film , especially if those who use these devices outside the home or without a cover risk damaging them in a backpack or purse. The screen is one, and having a permanent scratch that disturbs reading significantly compromises the experience, so why risk it ?



NuPro Screen Protector, for Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (11th Generation, 2021 Release)

su Amazon





NuPro Screen Protector for Kindle Oasis (9th Generation, 2017 Release), 2-Pack, Anti-Glare

su Amazon


A good book

The most obvious gift to give, but probably also one of the most appreciated, is definitely a book. Yes, you can also give digital books as a gift , and that’s a lot easier said than done. Just select the gift option at the Amazon checkout , decide on the recipient and the person concerned will receive an email from which to download his new Ebook .


Amazon gift card

You’ve reached the last minute and you can’t even get something shipped with Prime shipping? Then a gift certificate is the right choice: quick to do, it can be printed at home , and can be used to buy anything on Amazon, obviously including books.


…A new Ebook Reader!

Binding gift ? Check the age of your loved one’s current ereader, it may be older . Indeed, ebook readers generally live longer than a smartphone, the average life cycle of one of these devices is around 5 years . Obviously, however, technology changes in 5 years , and an ereader of this age is certainly no longer the most technologically advanced . Why not gift a new one then? Obviously there is not only Kindle , there are other absolutely valid Ebook Reader producers to consider, and the guide linked in the box below will certainly be able to guide you in your choice.





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