When you look at news portals or social media, there is quite a bit of negative news circulating. Without realizing it, all of this enters the subconscious mind and influences the reader’s emotions. Happiness is a personal and subjective thing. However, the information received also has an influence in forming conclusions and emotions. Always be grateful for what you have. Remember again that there is a lot of happiness that can actually still be felt today.


People who smile while working on difficult and stressful tasks tend to feel more positive during the process. This is different from people who are expressionless, let alone sullen in their response. A smile can trick the mind and push it in a more positive direction. If negative thoughts come your way, try to brush them off with a smile. This positive thinking tip has been proven to be effective in driving away negative thoughts before they grow bigger.


Those who are open-minded tend to have negative thoughts less often. There is a belief that there is always something positive in every incident. When faced with bad things, this way of thinking is also very helpful. Instead of feeling down, open-minded people will choose to see it from a more positive perspective. This is the next positive thinking tip that you can try. So even if conditions are not good, try to see it from several different perspectives and focus on a more positive perspective.


Negative thoughts are born from pessimistic thoughts. Whether it’s a bad experience or a good experience, those who are pessimistic tend to view things from a negative side. When faced with unpleasant events, try to be more optimistic. Trying to believe that there is always something good behind every misfortune will help you think positively. Apart from that, being optimistic also has great energy which is very useful for getting through the day.


Thinking positively can be difficult when faced with unpleasant events. In conditions like this, it is very human for people to feel down and filled with negative thoughts. Whatever the situation, playing the victim is not healthy. Placing yourself as the most unfortunate person in the world will actually make things worse. Therefore, avoid drama. This positive way of thinking will change your life for the better and happier.

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of ending. Therefore, everyone must consistently maintain their health condition. By keeping your thoughts positive, your immune system will stay strong. The worst-case scenario of COVID-19 infection can also be avoided.

Positive thinking is actually far from complicated and difficult. The tips above are quite simple and can be practiced by anyone. The key is consistency to keep trying and be patient until you get results.


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