5 ways to solve the problem of not being confident

Many times, some people tend to look in the mirror often, and that’s not just about checking the neatness on their faces. but to look for their own flaws without realizing it That’s a sign that you’re starting to lose confidence in your appearance.

I’m not confident in my face, how can I fix it?

A lack of self-confidence in one’s appearance may not seem like a big problem. But if left for a long time not good either If it affects daily life It may be a mental illness called Body Dysmorphic Disorder or a disease that does not like your own appearance. which is a mental illness that is more common in women than men

According to Dove’s research titled “Attitudes and Perspectives Regarding Beauty and Confidence,” it was concluded that The thing that destroys confidence in a woman’s appearance the most is own criticism

The influence of the media also plays a part in presenting the values ​​that reinforce that. People, whether women or men Must be good looking, beautiful, handsome to be successful in love. job duties and accepted by people in society The more it makes people who are not strong enough to resist the social values ​​that force us to yearn for perfection. Until causing some people to have no confidence in themselves at all

At this point, he would understand the problems that may arise later. Some people might be thinking. Is it good to use money to solve problems? Relying on the lancet by surgery to finish

This idea is not wrong. Because it’s your body and your money. But I want you to think again and reflect carefully, because if you can’t do it as you hoped. It may have to pay money to fix it many times. and people who have had surgery once It tends to be addicted to surgery as well.

So don’t be hasty. Try reading this article to the end and then make a decision, it’s not too late. Have you ever heard this phrase? “Just by changing your thoughts, your life will change.” Don’t let yourself get caught up in this feeling. Wouldn’t it be better if we could have confidence without having to worry about our own appearance? Let’s look at 5 ways to solve the problem of insecurity in our own appearance.

5 ways to solve the problem of not being confident in one’s appearance

#1 You have to let go of your negative thoughts.

In general, our brains tend to focus on bad experiences first. Because of this, we tend to be more likely to believe words or voices in our heads that tell us, “I’m not sure what to do.” “I’m not pretty enough” or “Why doesn’t my face look like that star?” I thought it was true.

in spite of the fact People in general do not think that we are not beautiful, not handsome, or have flaws like we think. But instead, we are the only ones who trust our own brains that are overlooking many of the good things of our own. Just because he’s focusing on something bad. which no one even noticed or paid attention to

Therefore, we should first get rid of all the negative thoughts in our heads. And we won’t be stuck in it. The bad feeling will gradually decrease when we can think about it. It can be understood that most of the feelings that arise come from their own thoughts.

#2 Stop listening to the noise around you. And stay away from people who make you see yourself negatively.

This method is similar to the first method. The only difference is the source of the cause. In addition to quit listening to the voice in his own head that has been diminishing. You should stop listening to the sounds of those around you that make you look at yourself in a negative light as well. Many times, confidence in one’s own appearance is often undermined by other people’s criticism. whether intentionally or not can destroy or undermine their own confidence

Sometimes bad reviews about your appearance that came out of those people’s mouths. Most if not out of jealousy. It may be because the other party has no confidence in their own appearance as well. And such criticism reflects what the other person feels about themselves rather than how they feel about you.

Therefore, we should not pay attention to the unconstructive and pointless criticism from these people. And avoiding getting involved with these people is a much better way than arguing face to face. which may cause controversy lead to bigger problems

#3 Appreciate yourself and know how to love yourself.

The way we criticize ourselves in a bad way Looking for disadvantages and disadvantages or their own flaws all the time It will only make yourself appreciate yourself less. And criticizing your shortcomings can also cause anxiety and depression. Therefore, we should learn how to love ourselves.

easy start You need to be more kind to yourself. Always accept and remind yourself that the standard that indicates which one is called perfection it doesn’t exist And that imperfection depends on each person’s point of view.

So you shouldn’t be mean to yourself. and should know more about self-esteem Start by looking at the good in yourself instead of looking at your own flaws. Along with accepting and understanding the part that we think is our own weakness and gradually develop things Those until it finally became our strength.

which we see the value of ourselves and know how to love ourselves to be It will allow us to be able to increase our confidence even more without having to worry about our appearance. It also has a unique charm in its own way as well.

#4 Creating your own definition of beauty

In many countries, different cultures Most of them tend to give the definition of beauty to be quite narrow. We often hear people say that handsome is beautiful. good looking person It must look like this or that. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept a narrow definition of beauty.

Beauty is a matter of individual point of view. Everyone has their own definition of beauty. And there are no universal rules or standards that dictate that everyone has to accept the same definition of beauty.

Therefore, have the courage to step out of the societal pressures that force you to come up with the ideal definition of beauty that society wants it to be. And dare to create your own definition of beauty. You will have more confidence in your own appearance. and happy to be yourself

#5 Stop focusing too much on appearance

Granted, it’s a good thing to focus on appearance. Because it will create a first impression on outsiders or conversation partners. as well as indicating their own external personality

which gives up the importance of the appearance here That doesn’t mean you stop caring about your personality. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ?

Let’s say you’re feeling insecure about your appearance. At least initially, transforming yourself by makeup, hair styling or choosing clothes that fit yourself. seems to be enough Other than that, I want you to let go and focus on other things instead.

You may have many advantages that you yourself may not have expected. Whether it’s your own special ability that others don’t have. Or your own career that is more successful than many people, it will give us more confidence. without having to worry about their own appearance who wants to be perfect according to the values ​​of society

For example, a world-class successful person like Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, looks not as handsome as a Hollywood star. Or even a scientist like Stephen Hawking who was born with an imperfect body. But with their abilities, these can be achieved at a level that people around the world accept. and overlooked the outward appearance

You see that we pay too much attention to the appearance. only cause concern lack of confidence It also wastes time in vain. Therefore, what we should pay attention to is not just the appearance alone. But there are many other things that can be highlighted. To make us confident and able to succeed in our own way.

It is not strange that we tend to tie our self-worth or pride to the beauty from our outward appearance. But ultimately it depends on the individual point of view. different Appearance is not an indication of whether or not you are good or not. But it depends on what you think and what you do. which when thinking about it And it’s not the essence of life at all.

So don’t let feelings of prejudice against yourself make you suffer even more. Be happy with being your best self. because everyone has value hidden within It depends on whether we choose to look for it and accept it or not.

Good, bad, things you don’t like or don’t feel confident on your face. It might be something that other people would like to have. So far, have you started to feel proud of your appearance that only you have? But I still believe that it will make people have a more open minded attitude towards themselves. and have more or less confidence in being yourself





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