5 Steps to Finding a Reason for Living

The question of the meaning of life and the reasons for living it. It’s called being born with human society at all. Humans have thoughts, humans are conscious, humans are curious…so humans have questions.

Most of us don’t really know what we want in life or what we really want. And the more we ask ourselves how much The more confused we are. Your brain and your mind have no mouth so you can’t speak. So you won’t be able to ask what you can’t answer. All you have to do is ‘observe’ and ‘listen’ , which you have to bear in mind that it takes time.

This article is about how to find meaning in life and the steps you can take to actually find a reason to live. However, before you read this article. I encourage you to read 11 Reasons to Live. to explain the truth and why most people find out about their lives.

How to find the meaning of life 

The meaning of life is something that does not come from outside. But we must discover from within through observing and listening to ourselves. Each human being has a different reason for living. And the steps everyone can take to find meaning in life is Testing to try something new

Easy to explain our preferences and the meaning of life It’s something in the subconscious mind. (subconscious) and unconscious (unconscious). This means that if you are not proficient in these I haven’t talked to a specialist psychologist. ‘Asking yourself a question’ is like asking a speechless child. Ask a pet who doesn’t understand the language. You won’t get answers and you will feel disappointed.

But we can use observation instead. Even if a newborn baby can’t speak Parents who raised hands would know what their children like to eat. If we pay attention to our own body and mind We will be able to listen better. There are many helpers in this section. Both mindfulness and meditation. If anyone is interested in these matters, I recommend reading the article on Mindfulness and Mindfulness .

If we understand each other then that we must listen and observe ourselves well The problem is that most people listen and observe a lot. did not find an answer In part, this is because We only noticed But we don’t have a comparator. It will be easier for parents with multiple children to know what their children are good at and what they are not good at. But what are we going to compare with?

The answer is ‘comparing yourself’. You have to try something new. do something different Try doing things you like and don’t like. In scientific language it’s ‘experiment’ because you can immediately get a sense of what you will look like in different situations. Of course, doing something new Doing something you’ve never done is tiring and scary. But I assure you that everyone can do it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. We only spend our hearts with time.

5 steps to find a reason to live (+ 1 free step)

#1 Start with what makes you happy. or small things that fill us first

The first question is what do we have to try first? There are many things that we can try. from walking in front of the alley to reading a new book to visiting various places In this first step, the ‘direction’ we should set is ‘What we like’

We should start with the simple things we want to do. If you’re a timid person, start with the simple things. If you have a little energy, start with the difficult things you want to do. The only caveat is that ‘We must never have done it before’

Maybe going out to eat at a new restaurant. traveling to new places chatting with strangers change of exercise reading a new book starting a hobby We don’t care how important or trivial these things are to people. We just think we like it and it’s worth trying. This is our goal.

#2 Do something that needs to be done. 

The second step may not be a step at all. but as a reminder If you have started doing these activities you have to finish no matter how bad the outcome is or whether you are already bored As long as it doesn’t make your life worse (i.e. illegal, do it and feel guilty spend too much money or make the future worse)

The habit of starting something and then completing it is an important discipline in life. But that’s not the lesson I’m going to teach today. I’m just going to say If you don’t finish You will not get complete information. It’s like you’re halfway there and tell people that this trip wasn’t fun at all.

If you think that starting something big from the beginning, you may not be able to finish it. Try to start by doing little things that you like first. and then gradually increase it a little at a time We still don’t have to hurry. Just have to do it slowly. Some people find the meaning of life at the age of 90.

#3 Every time I try something new Write down what you like and don’t like. 

This will be a matter of observing and listening. Forcing yourself to write about your likes and dislikes. It trains you to evaluate the pros and cons of everything. What you like has some drawbacks. Something you’re bored with might have a few advantages.

In this step, I probably don’t have to explain much. But really, I want everyone to spend a lot of time evaluating themselves. at least thirty minutes per activity Especially those who are not very good at observing themselves. or people who are not good at feeling themselves

#4 Rest, self-assess, recover energy 

After you’ve tried something new and evaluated yourself. In this section we are going to give ourselves a chance to rest. If you are very tired, you can rest for three days or a week. (Especially working people who have only Saturday and Sunday)

while resting Think about it. What you like from the previous point, is there any part that can be added or made different? If you like to eat pork basil You might want to order the basil chicken next time. and the parts you don’t like Is there any way you can reduce these drawbacks? If we don’t like lifting weights We might as well run instead. We will not have to leave every exercise.

‘Add good, reduce waste’ is the main idea that we will use to push. Choose another activity

#5 Test and try something similar

If you still can’t figure out what is the next activity you want to do. In this section, let’s think about it. It may be an activity that extends from the activity in number 1 or it may be a new activity at all.

which the process is the same Let us choose a new activity that has never been done before. Promise yourself that you’ll get it done. evaluate yourself Find ways to reduce disadvantages and add advantages. and come up with ideas for new activities to extend

I designed these steps. You can repeat and build on it over and over. because I believe The ‘meaning and reason for living’ is something that comes from our experience. If you’re tired, rest, but promise to get up and do it again. And if people criticize or don’t appreciate what you’re doing. You just don’t have to pay attention to what other people say.

#6 Repeat once, three times, ten times, and for life (plus)

Really, the way to find meaning in life is to find what you like and then keep trying similar things until you find what works and what you think will fulfill you. For some people these things come naturally. But for most people We just have to try. Might be tiring but definitely worth it.

As I said, some people spend their whole lives looking for what they like. And what many people don’t know is that what we like is constantly changing. It means what we liked in high school. We may not like it as we age. 30…and maybe again at 50.

If we have more experience learned more Got to try something new Our opinions and views will change. These things are normal to human life, just that we must not be too attached to past preferences. until we are not happy at present 

The secret in this article’s ‘5 steps to find a reason to live’ is You must be happy with what you do. if you are not happy It means you don’t like it. But the good news is that at least you know what you like. dislike 1 more thing and if you are happy with these things Repeating it will not be difficult anymore.

Finding the answer to that What are we living for? Is there any value?

answering life questions not like in the exam room We cannot copy other people. Because the answer to each person’s life may not be the same. But even though we can’t copy other people. We can learn and use it to improve our lives. If we see activities that other people do that look fun. We just try to follow As for whether we like it or not, it’s up to us. It’s not strange at all

If you didn’t get anything from this article, just remember these 3 steps: (1) let’s try something new, (2) do something that needs to be done, and (3) get to know it when it’s done. observe yourself I hope everyone enjoys the search for themselves.





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