5 Recommended Places for the Most Comfortable Freelance Work

As we know freelancing is a job that can be done anywhere and anytime, and therefore it’s no wonder that freelancing is one of the jobs that is quite popular lately, especially among today’s millennials.

A freelancer certainly has their own comfortable place to work, and some of these places are places that can make a freelance’s potential and productivity better when working there.

There are several places that we recommend for freelancers to work, for those of you who want to know what the places are, you can listen to this discussion until the end.


5 Recommended Places for the Most Comfortable Freelance Work 

Of course, everyone has their own creative and productive zone, so to find out which place is right for you to work, you can try the following places.



The most comfortable place to work for freelance , of course, is home. For a freelancer, working at home has become a routine and a natural thing. Apart from being able to save expenses, working at home is also considered to be calmer and free from distractions.


Even so, working from home also has drawbacks, namely you will feel bored and bored with the same atmosphere every day. But to overcome this you can make your work space at home as comfortable as possible, or if you are bored you can go out to find another comfortable place to work. For example going to a coffee shop.


Coffee Shop

The next place that can be a recommendation for the most comfortable place to work for freelancers is the coffee shop. If you are tired of working freelance at home all the time, a coffee shop can be a solution that you can try.


A coffee shop or cafe is one of the most comfortable places to work as a freelancer, besides you can work comfortably here, you can enjoy coffee and various other drinks that will make your work fresher.


Even though the function of the coffee shop itself is as a place to enjoy food and drinks as well as a place to relax, not a few people use this place as a workplace, one of which is used by freelancers.


Another advantage of working in a coffee shop is that you don’t have to pay for the place, but at least you can order the menu there. In a coffee shop, there are usually various facilities that you can use, from power outlets to wifi. So it’s no wonder that coffee shops are the most comfortable place for freelancers to work.


Coworking Space

The next place is a Coworking space, a Coworking space itself is a work environment that is used by people who work freelance or office work to work.


Coworking spaces usually offer a work environment that has various facilities ranging from a casual place to the internet. Apart from that, when you work here you can share equipment or even ideas and knowledge with other people, because usually in coworking spaces there will be various jobs in different fields.


Some of the other facilities that you will get at a coworking space include:


  • Internet connection.
  • meeting room.
  • Pantry and canteen.
  • Private Office Space.
  • Event Space and Communal Space.
  • Reception Service.

As a freelancer, you can use this place to increase your networking or relationships with other people, but renting this place is not cheap, so as a freelancer, you can occasionally work here.

As for the rental fee from the Coworking space, it will usually be around Rp. 75,000 per day and for one month it is at least around Rp. 1,100,000 per month.


If you are one of those people who works quietly and without distractions, then working in the library is an option for you to try. As we know the library is a place that allows a person to read various books in peace.

However, the library is also often used by freelancers to do their work, here you can enjoy a calm atmosphere so that your productivity at work will increase.

Apart from being free, working in the library also provides various facilities such as tables and chairs, sockets, and some libraries even provide free wifi or internet for their visitors.



The last comfortable place for freelance work is working in a hotel. If you are a freelancer who likes to vacation while working, maybe working in a hotel is no stranger to you.


As we know, there is no need to doubt the facilities at a hotel, because of course it will provide the best and most comfortable facilities for its visitors. Especially if the hotel you are staying in is a five-star hotel, of course the facilities you will get are even better.


If you’re bored working from home, maybe going on vacation while working at a hotel isn’t a bad thing for you, because besides being comfortable, you can also relieve fatigue while working all day at home.



Every freelancer has their own place and comfort zone, some are comfortable working at home and some are comfortable working in a coworking space. This depends on your mood and character. But if you haven’t found a comfortable place to work, then you can try some of the recommendations above.


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