5 Example of administration and management

Certainly! Here are five examples that differentiate administration and management in various contexts:

Example of administration and management

  1. Educational Setting:
    • Administration: Establishing school policies, managing budgets, ensuring compliance with educational laws, and liaising with government or district education offices.
    • Management: Overseeing day-to-day activities of a school, such as scheduling classes, managing teachers and staff, and dealing with student and parent issues.
  2. Healthcare:
    • Administration: Setting hospital or clinic policies, ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations, negotiating with insurance providers, and managing the overall strategy of the healthcare institution.
    • Management: Overseeing daily operations of a hospital or clinic, such as managing nursing staff, ensuring patient care quality, and overseeing department heads like radiology or surgery.
  3. Corporate Sector:
    • Administration: Handling clerical tasks, managing office supplies, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and overseeing facilities management.
    • Management: Setting business goals, making strategic decisions, overseeing departments or teams, and evaluating employee performance.
  4. Government:
    • Administration: Implementing laws and regulations, overseeing public services, managing budgets, and liaising with other governmental bodies or international entities.
    • Management: Overseeing specific government departments or programs, setting objectives for public projects, and managing teams to execute on policies.
  5. Non-profit Organizations:
    • Administration: Ensuring the organization meets regulatory requirements, managing donations and grants, and handling communication with stakeholders.
    • Management: Setting the strategic direction for the non-profit, overseeing projects, managing staff and volunteers, and ensuring the mission of the organization is fulfilled.

While there’s overlap between administration and management, the former often deals more with the structures and processes that support an organization, while the latter is more about guiding people and resources towards achieving specific goals.


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